All Villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Marvel Spider Man 2 Villains Featured

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 lived up to its promises by bringing even more good, well-written, and powerful villains into the mix, as no good hero story would be good without them. Here are all the villains Peter and Miles will encounter during their adventure saving NYC.

All Villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Spidey has made himself quite an extensive list of opponents during the last few years, and many of them are now threatening New York at once. Fortunately, the city has two heroes to defend it against those troublemakers, and here are all of them listed.

Kraven the Hunter

One of the most iconic villains is making his debut in the second Insomniac title. Kraven was one of the first revealed villains and he’s now heading to New York looking for a pray that could be his “equal” in combat, always seeking satisfaction in his hunt. And the Spider-Men might be exactly what he was looking for.


Another classic villain that was highly anticipated by fans since the first game. Harry Osborn is the definitive host to the symbiote after its brief period with Peter Parker. Venom is the main villain in this game, following Kraven, and brings all of its horror to the fray.

Mr. Negative

Martin Li managed to escape prison throughout the story, as we’ve seen in some trailers. Mister Negative is responsible for the attack that killed Miles’ father Jefferson, and serves as a direct obstacle for the younger Spider-Man throughout the second title.


The actual Mysterio is technically not present in the game, but his name is used by other evildoers to manipulate and lock people into the Mysterium VR Game to get their victims’ money. Miles eventually finds out about the scheme and puts a definitive end to this folly.


Yuri Watabane went rogue at the end of the first title’s DLC and comes back as the vigilante Wraith. Although she now has questionable methods, she’s still looking to deliver justice where is due, so she’s not beyond helping her former partner when needed.


The female symbiote host is none other than Mary Jane, temporarily corrupted by Venom’s offspring when Harry finally loses control. She expresses all of her hidden angst at Peter, who simultaneously apologizes for his mistakes while knocking some sense back into her.


Second-in-command in Kraven’s Hunters, Grizzly is not as well-known as the other villains in this list. But this doesn’t stop him from being a real threat in the Insomniac universe. And he does impose a small challenge to Spider-Man during the game


Curt Connors was first seen in Miles Morales, but his mutation hasn’t kicked off by then. Enough time has passed now, but his origins were also changed a bit for this title. He’s still an unstoppable machine of destruction, so it’s up to Peter and Miles to bring him back to his senses.


One of the latest villains to be revealed was none other than Sandman, who we could see in the release trailer fighting both Spider-Men at once and giving them a hard time. He’s actually the very first obstacle for the duo, and his actions have lingering consequences throughout the game.

Mentioned/Future Villains

Many other villains were name-dropped or had a small cameo at some point. Some will definitely be present in Insomniac’s universe at some point, while others were merely throwbacks to their previous appearances in past titles.

Cletus Kassady/Carnage

The leader of The Flame cult is none other than Cletus, the civil identity of Carnage in the comics. He’s not shown as the de-facto symbiote villain just yet, but he namedrops his villain alias, making it an (almost) confirmation that Carnage will be present in the future DLC/sequels. He’s last seen with a crimson symbiote sample, if you still need any proof.


Dmitri Smerdyakov is Kraven’s half-brother and expresses nothing but disgust about him. He’s not directly fought, but his presence and mission is impactful, so we should expect to see more of him soon.

Black Cat

Cat is more of a cameo than anything in the second game as she’s currently trying to find a way to visit her girlfriend in Paris. Her mission is nothing villainous, but she’s definitely worth mentioning.


Previously fought in the first title, Tombstone makes another small cameo when Peter and Harry end up saving him after he’s captured as one of Kraven’s “prey”.


Another cameo, if anything else. While he does have a small moment to shine, he’s quickly slain by Kraven after his brief encounter with the Spider-Men.

Green Goblin

One of Spider-Man’s most classic nemesis, the Green Goblin might be the third game’s main villain, even if he’s not directly present in the second title. Norman Osborn mentions “getting the G-Serum ready” by the end of the game, and it definitely has something to do with his villain alias. We can only speculate for now, but the Goblin is another all-but-confirmed villain set up for the upcoming content.

Other honorable mentions go to the Vulture, Shocker, Electro and Rhino, who were all killed by Kraven offscreen. We never get to see their fights, but it seems like they all went down effortlessly at the hands of the Great Hunter.

We might see some more unexpected, different villains as we eventually get some DLC. And some of them might even end up as playable if we’re lucky enough.

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