Is Venom Playable in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Answered

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Although many of the classical villains from the Spider-Man comics are making their debut (or comebacks) in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Venom clearly steals the spotlight as he usually does. Given his connection with Peter Parker, it’s easy to see why he’s getting so much attention in all of the latest trailers. But will he ascend to the next level and receive the playable blessing at any given moment during the title?

Can You Play as Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Symbiote enjoyers will be happy to know that Venom is playable in the game. We get to play as a full-powered symbiote character at the moment after Peter witnesses Venom being born when the symbiote merges with Harry Osborn. You get to test his monstrous power by fending off the guards Osborn sent to stop his now-possessed son.

During this brief section, you make your way through Oscorp Industries as Norman pledges for his son to stop. His screams are obviously muffled by the symbiote, and Venom takes out his fury on the city where he finally meets Kraven the Hunter, who we get to fight as a boss.

The possibility of having the villain playable was speculated way before the game’s release. From the phrasing of certain trailers and announcements to the sheer amount of Venom content we got as promotion, which could be considered abnormal even for such a popular villain. This is also one of Spidey’s most iconic villains, and Insomniac managed to deliver by making him playable for a while.

While Harry was hinted to be Venom in the first game’s ending, some theories would bet on Peter Parker being the host this time around, in an interesting twist. While he was slowly getting more aggressive as the game progressed, he managed to get rid of the black suit before it did any more serious damage to him and his loved ones.

Controlling characters other than Spider-Man isn’t new to the Insomniac games as we had the Mary Jane stealth missions in the first title, so we had this one coming. And it was an interesting experience to play as the game’s main antagonist and his 19 inches of-you-know-what.

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