All Unlocks in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC

Achievement unl- oh wait.

All Unlocks in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC
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With the Emergency Meeting DLC, a marvelous collaboration between Vampire Survivors and Among Us has come to life, bringing us new content to play around with. Here is the list of all unlocks in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC.

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Every Unlock in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC Listed

Here are all the new unlocks in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC, along with links to our extensive guides where applicable.

ItemHow to Unlock
Crewmate DinoFind and open the coffin in Polus Replica
Report!Survive 15 minutes with Crewmate Dino
Imposter RinaEvolve the Report!
Sharp TongueSurvive 15 minutes with Impostor Rina
Engineer GinoEvolve the Sharp Tongue
Lucky SwipeSurvive 15 minutes with Engineer Gino
Scientist MinaEvolve the Lucky Swipe
Science RocksReach level 50 with Scientist Mina
Shapeshifter NinoEvolve the Science Rocks
Just VentSurvive 15 minutes with Shapeshifter Nino
Gold RewardEvolve the Just Vent
Paranormal ScanGet Lifesign Scan to Level 7
Ghost LinoEvolve the Lifesign Scan
Guardian PinaDefeat 1 enemy with Ghost Lino?!
Clear DebrisReach level 50 with Guardian Pina
Clear AsteroidsEvolve the Clear Debris
HorseDefeat a total of 6000 Suspicious Looking enemies.
Megalo Impostor RinaDefeat 10000 enemies in a single run with Impostor Rina.
Hyper Polus ReplicaDefeat the Suspicious Eyes in Polus Replica.
Polus Replica MinimapFind the Polus Replica Map.

Please note that these unlocks do not count as achievements outside of Vampire Survivors, so if you had 100% achievements before installing this DLC, you will still have 100% achievements after playing the content for the first time.

Refer to the image below to see all “achievements” introduced in the Emergency Meeting DLC.

If you are a completionist like I am, make sure to check out all collection items in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC.

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