How to Find and Open the Coffin in Polus Replica in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC

Totally not a sus coffin.

How to Find and Open the Coffin in Polus Replica in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC
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What would a map in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC be without a Coffin to unlock a cool new character? If you are struggling to find and open the Coffin in the Polus Replica map and unlock your first Crewmate, I will show you where to find it.

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How to Unlock Crewmate Dino Character in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC

If you have not played Among Us, do not worry; I’ve got you covered. Make sure to get the map of Polus Replica to make things easier for yourself:

  • From the ship in which you start your every run, go south. You will run into a small building, go slightly to the left to go around it, and keep walking south between two sets of buildings.
  • As soon as you reach the snowy plain, turn southeast and keep going.
  • Follow the arrow and keep checking the map periodically to ensure you’re on the right track whether or not you have the Polus Map Relic collected.
  • Approach the coffin and touch it to start the unlock animation.

If you have played Among Us, the coffin is located way under the bottom decontamination.

After the animation concludes, you will be able to purchase Crewmate Dino from the character shop.

Crewmate Dino has cost me 680 gold (Note: I have all previous characters purchased, so it can either be the same or cheaper for you).

What Does Crewmate Dino Do in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC?

Crewmate Dino gains stat bonuses every time anyone’s weapon reaches the maximum level.

Crewmate Dino’s starting weapon is Report!, which emits a soundwave in front of the character, damaging and knocking back enemies in front of the character’s model (left or right only, like Whip).

We also have a guide on how to evolve Report! into Emergency Meeting ready for you.

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