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Persona 3 Reload Strength Social Link Answers Featured
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If you’ve been attending your Track Team practices, you’ve probably stumbled across Yuko, who represents the Strength Social Link in P3R. You can meet Yuko whenever the team has a day off, so be sure to carve some time out of your busy schedule to meet up with her.

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Persona 3 Reload Strength Social Link Guide (P3R)

Beginning the Strength Social Link in P3R requires starting the Chariot Social Link first. After joining the Track Team (4/23 at its earliest), you meet Yuko, the team manager, on your way out and are given a few options. Choose “I think I will.” and “Wanna walk home together?” to which the girl will initially refuse. No worries, she’ll make up for that later.

The next time you attend practice for the track club and reach Chariot Rank 2 (it could be the very next day), you’ll meet Yuko again. Choose the same options again, but she’ll agree to go with you this time, starting the Strength Social Link properly.

After attaining your first rank in the Strength Social Link, Yuko can be found at the end of the corridor in School Building 2F, next to your classroom. You can hang out on Wednesdays and Saturdays (except before exams) when there’s no Track Team practice. Always bring a Strength Persona such as Valkyrie to get the maximum points from dialogue options. Otherwise, you’ll take a lot longer to maximize your bonds.

If you get the “I feel like I might grow closer to Yuko soon…” message when you initiate dialogue with her, you have enough points to advance to the next level. If you don’t, you can choose to work on other Social Links for a while until you can meet up with her during a holiday, for example. This ensures you won’t “waste” a day with her without increasing your Rank.

As a final note, you’re not forced to date Yuko when maxing out the Strength Social Link anymore as you were back in previous versions or Persona 3. This guide focuses on the non-romance route, with the romance flags properly pointed out if you choose to do so. Some later Ranks during the Strength Social Link will be different if you choose the romance route.

Rank 2

QuestionBest answer
Also, I wasn’t really in the mental state to do this alone today.What happened?
And before I knew it, I’d dozed off. I ended up handing in a blank paper. It wasn’t your fault.
But come on, it’s way too early to worry about the future, isn’t it? We’re still just teenagers!That’s true.

Rank 3

QuestionBest answer
Going that far would’ve been crossing the line.Any
They called you my boyfriend. That must have made you feel awkward, huh?“I’m honored.” or “I don’t mind.”

Speaking with Yuko after completing this Rank (not necessarily spending time with her) allows you to unlock the Tower Social Link. You can start this link by visiting Paulownia Mall’s Club Escapade at night between Thursday and Sunday after reaching Courage Rank 2.

Rank 4

QuestionBest answer
What do you think I should do?Any
I mean, why not, right? Please? Honestly, I don’t think I can handle it on my own…Sure thing

Rank 5

QuestionBest answer
Elementary school kids really learn fast, don’t you think?It’s because you teach so well.
Should I change the training routine? Maybe they should be running more.I trust whatever you decide, Yuko

Rank 6

QuestionBest answer
Oh, why don’t you give them some advice too?Show some guts!
Age difference really matters when you’re as young as they are. Do you really think they can beat the sixth grades?As long as we believe in them.

Rank 7

QuestionBest answer
They called you my boyfriend till the very end…Any
It’s like the kids have left the nest…Any
Maybe we should throw a little party. You know, to celebrate our first attempt at coaching.Let’s do it.

Rank 8

QuestionBest answer
I was out buying stuff that might be useful for running practice, and I ran out of money. Any
Hmm… Oh, do you like children?Any.
Would you want it to be a boy or a girl?A girl.

Rank 9

QuestionBest answer
Can you guess what it is?An instructor?
I realized now that I might’ve been relying too much on you.Any
Are you like this… just with me? N-No, no, th-that can’t be it, huh…It’s because I love you. (Romance route)
It’s because you’re a close friend. (Friend route)
So you should really be careful about that. It could land you in some hot water.Okay, I will.

Rank 10

Answers here are based on the friend route. The event will be largely different if you’re dating Yuko, but rewards will be the same.

QuestionBest answer
Ugh, this is so heavy. I shouldn’t have crammed everything in there…Want me to carry it?
It hasn’t even been that long since we coached those kids though, huh?That’s just how fulfilling it was.
Kinda makes me wanna do it all again. What about you?Any

Many of Yuko’s ranks will not yield enough points for the next one, so make sure to either meet her during Sundays/Holidays or take regular walks with Koromaru during the night. You might encounter her when you’re alone, which gives you enough points to reach the next rank.

Rewards for Maxing out the Strength Social Link in P3R

Completing Yuko’s Strength Social Link in Persona 3 Reload will reward you with a Kids’ Letter. This item allows you to fuse Atavaka, the ultimate Strength Persona. Atavaka can be fused starting at level 72 through a standard fusion by combining such Persona as Rangda and Saturnus. If you want to obtain Koromaru’s ultimate weapon, Vajra, you’ll need Atavaka to fuse Asura in a Special Fusion.

Yuko’s Link has received some significant changes compared to the original, which were definitely for the best. Although it takes a bit more effort to hang out with her outside of her usual days, the payoff is worth the price since just like Magician, there are lots of powerful early and mid-game Personas available from the Strength Arcana for you to enjoy.

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