All Starfield Weapon Tiers, Explained

Different tiers do actually matter.

Starfield Shotgun
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Starfield’s weapons are vast and include many different variants to keep in mind. While certain Microguns can make you feel badass, getting the X-989 Microgun from the Hostile Intelligence mission for example can be a game changer. Within each weapon, there are different tiers that provide different sorts of buffs. Here are all Starfield weapon tiers explained.

Every Tier of Weapon in Starfield Explained

Starfield Weapon Tiers
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In total, there are four different weapon tiers in Starfield to keep in mind. These are the Base, Rare, Epic, and finally Legendary tiers. While any weapon tier can provide any amount or kind of weapon attachments, the perks attached to each weapon are what changes for each tier. The differences are as follows:

  • Base: No perks
  • Rare: One perk
  • Epic: Two perks
  • Legendary: Three perks

Using my weapons, for example, my Hard Target sniper rifle has zero perks, while my X-989 Microgun has the Skip Shot, Lacerate, and Exterminator perks. These perks can make or break a weapon, offering bonuses like increased damage to a certain type of target or random buffs that can transform the damage values.

Which Weapon Perks Are the Best in Starfield?

Starfield Weapon Perks Microgun
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While there are a ton of perks that provide great bonuses, there are a few that clearly stand above the rest. The Skip Shot perk, for example, causes the weapon to fire a second shot for every four shots fired. Since a Microgun can hold hundreds of rounds of ammo and can fire extremely fast, that extra damage racks up fast. The Extended Magazine perk can be excellent, too, doubling the magazine capacity of that weapon.

Some other great weapon perks in Starfield include:

  • Instigating: Deals double damage to targets with full health.
  • Explosive: Randomly switches to explosive rounds.
  • Titanium Build: Premium build materials make this weapon light as a feather.

If you’re looking for some other help with weapons in Starfield, check out our guide on how to research weapon mods in Starfield.

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