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Starfield Dragonfire II Ship
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Building a ship in Starfield can be a slightly tedious process. See, Ship Services Technicians don’t hold an inventory of all possible ship parts. Certain Technicians will have specialized inventories for their company’s parts, and there’s even a degree of randomness based on that in-game day. With this in mind, you may wonder where you have to go to find everything. Here are all the ship manufacturer locations in Starfield.

Every Ship Manufacturer and Their Technician in Starfield

In total, there are five different ship manufacturers you can find in Starfield, each with their own Technician that sells their ship parts. While other Technicians are capable of selling a company’s ship parts, these Technicians offer a wider yet focused selection.

Taiyo Astroneering

Starfield Ryujin Industries Ship Services Technician
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The Taiyo Astroneering Technician can be found at the Ryujin Industries tower in Neon, within the Volii system. Once you’re in Neon Core, head toward the tower and into the elevator. Select the Taiyo Astroneering floor, then head over to the Show Room and speak to Veronica Young. Select to view and modify your ships, and you’ll have access to the Taiyo Astroneering parts.

Taiyo’s parts tend to favor fashion over pure function, with their ship parts having a more rounded finish. If you want your ship to look stylish in the spaceport and don’t care too much about min-maxing its potential, these are your best friends.


Starfield Stroud-Eklund Ship Services Technician
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The Stroud-Eklund Technician is located in the front lobby of the Stroud-Eklund Staryard, as a man named Havershaw. If you don’t know how to find the staryard, it’s orbiting the asteroid of Dalvik near the planet of Deepala, all within the Narion system.

Stroud-Eklund’s ship parts are geared toward captains who think a bigger ship is better while still wanting to maintain some flair. Many of their ship parts are bulky, fancy, and house more functionality, but cause the Mobility stat to tank quickly. If you want a slow-moving tank for a ship but want to be stylish doing it, with plenty of cargo space to boot, they should be your focus.


Starfield Hopetown Ship Services Technician
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HopeTech’s lovely Technician can be found within the settlement of Hopetown, itself on the planet of Polvo in the Valo system. It’s nestled up right against the Narion system, so it can be tough to spot if you don’t know where to look.

HopeTech looks at Stroud-Eklund’s ship parts and asks, “but what if we don’t care about looks?”. Each of their parts is massive and fairly unattractive, but they simply don’t care. We aren’t here to walk the red carpet; we’re here to get from point A to point B with as much space as possible.


Starfield Nikau Ship Services Technician
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Deimos and its Technician are, you guessed it, orbiting the moon of Deimos. If you aren’t super knowledgeable on the Solar System, Deimos is a moon orbiting Mars within the Sol system. Once you dock, head to the lower floor and speak with Nikau Henderson.

Deimos ship parts are in that strange middle ground between everyone else. They offer something for everyone without offering a lot in a particular area, which makes them great if you want your ship versatile. For example, their cockpits offer either two Crew Stations or eight, depending on which you choose.

Nova Galactic

Starfield New Homestead Ship Services Technician
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That brings us to our final ship manufacturer, Nova Galactic. They can be found in the settlement of New Homestead, located on the moon of Titan orbiting Saturn, all within the Sol system. You should be able to see the Technician almost immediately.

The best way I can describe Nova Galactic’s ship parts is nostalgic. They all manage to have some aspects that make them futuristic but still maintain the appearance of what we’d consider a spaceship these days. Most of their parts sport smooth edges, while others can look a little rougher to make way for functionality. I use a few of their parts in my build since I made a Halo Pelican, and the Nova Wing part is perfect for it.

What About the Other Ship Manufacturers?

While there are at least a dozen other ship manufacturers, none of them offer specialized Ship Services Technicians or anything of the sort. Instead, they can be found at any Technician you speak of. Namely, the ones not included in this list. If you’re curious, check out our guide on all Ship Services Technician locations in Starfield.

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