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All Scent of Commerce Quests in Octopath Traveler 2 and How to Complete Them

Partitio is the emotional support buddy of merchants (and craftswomen) everywhere

by Daphne Fama

Partitio is a unique character in more ways than one. He’s a merchant who trades in bliss, focusing on the prosperity of those around instead of his own. And unlike any other party member, he has his own subplot called the Scent of Commerce. Here’s all Scent of Commerce quests in Octopath Traveler 2 and how to complete them.

All Scent of Commerce Quests in Octopath Traveler 2 and How to Complete Them

Partitio can hound out a good deal anywhere in the world, and there are three locations for this quest. The first is in Tropu’hopu, the second is in Sai, and the third is in Winterbloom. But you can opt to complete them in any order that you like!

I would just really recommend you do the Ship first, as it gives you access to some fantastic weapons early on. Even if you don’t feel like going toe-to-flipper with some of the optional (and difficult) mini-bosses the ocean holds.

1. Scent of Commerce: Tropu’hopu

Head to Tropu’hopu (just east of the port) and go all the way right. You’ll soon arrive in the shipyard where purchasers of a ship scurry away once they realize the asking price. But Partitio can’t be dissuaded so easily. Speak to the woman near the ship, and Partitio will ask her how much the boat is.

She’ll quote 100,000 leaves.

That’s a pretty hefty sum! If you’re struggling for cash, you have options. Partitio has a support skill called Grow on Trees, which increases the number of leaves you receive at the end of the battle. Get it? Because they grow on trees? The second option is to hire the Merchant in Tropu’hopu’s tavern. This Merchant has the ability Silver Tongue, which will give you a 20% discount off purchases. And yes, that includes the ship. He does cost 4,800 leaves, but you’ll save 10,200.

Once you’ve gathered enough leaves, return to Terry and purchase the ship. And in true Partitio fashion, he’ll name the ship after the woman who made it.

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2. Scent of Commerce: Sai

Upon arriving in Sai, Partitio will realize that the legendary merchant, Masoud, is in town. He’ll ask to read Masoud’s book, The Mercantile Manuscript, but Masoud will refuse. The only way he’ll let Partitio read the book is if Partitio gives him what he truly desires.

Head to the town center, to the woman by the well. This woman is actually Masoud’s daughter! Switch the time to night to recruit her, then take her to Masoud. Things will get awkward really quickly, as he’ll inform you that she is not his treasure.

Return to Masoud, change the time to night, then hire him. This is the right answer and he’ll allow you to read his work. To do so, just head into his house. There’s even a reference to the Conjurer class and how to get it!

3. Scent of Commerce: Winterbloom

Head to Winterbloom, then go to the far right of town. As you near a large mansion, Partitio will hear a cry for help. The plea is coming from inside of the house and Partitio will go rushing in. One, because he’s a good person. And two, because he’s never seen a horror movie.

Upon entering, Partitio will realize that the cries are coming from a gramophone. The merchant who owns said device is having a terrible time selling it, and Partitio will hatch up a plan.

He needs three musicians and singers to record, in order to sell the device.

Head to Crackridge, and you’ll find the musicians right at the entrance, strumming his guitar. At night, he can be found up the stairs in the nearby house, just below the tavern. Hire him for 2,000 leaves and take him back to Winterbloom to record at the gramophone. Part ways with him.

Next, go to Flamechurch. Turn the time to night, then make your way to the church on the right side of the map at the very top of the hill. Not the big church! Outside of the church will be a Piano-Playing Cleric. Hire her for 1,200 leaves and bring her back to Winterbloom. Part ways with her.

For our last musician, we’ll need to go to Canalbrine! Head towards the inn and turn the time over to night. Beside the inn, you’ll find a woman playing the violin beside a covered wagon. This is the Violinist, and you can hire her for 2,000 leaves. Bring her to Winterbloom and she’ll play a lively song. It’s actually very good!

Audley will be delighted with your help and Partitio’s marketing insight. And for your effort? You’ll get all three songs!

They are:

  • Cait’s Theme – Piano Version
  • Cait’s Theme – Guitar Version
  • Cait’s Theme – Violin Version

Now, whenever you go into a tavern, you can listen to one of these themes.

And so ends the Scent of Commerce! It’s been a trip, but we’ve really gotten to know Partitio. If you still need to unlock all the secret jobs, check out our guide here!

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