All Recruitable Characters in the Fell Xenologue DLC of Fire Emblem Engage

Your favorite dorks are back

Fire Emblem Engage’s Wave 4 is easily the most content-packed of all the previous DLC installments. But what’s even better is that we finally have a chance to get a few new characters. Here are all the recruitable characters in the Fell Xenologue DLC of Fire Emblem Engage.

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All Recruitable Characters in the Fell Xenologue DLC of Fire Emblem Engage

So, before we even get into this, let me just splash a big ol’ warning for you: !! SPOILERS AHEAD !! SO MANY SPOILERS !!

It’s hard to talk about recruitable characters without also exposing some of the zany plot twists or reveals that are ahead. But if you’re okay with that, feel free to keep reading!

The Four Winds

In Alear’s home world, the Four Winds are called the Four Hounds and they’re pretty evil, in a sad kind of way. But in this new topsy turvy world, they’re the good guys! And, upon completing the game, they’ll join you. Here’s who coming home with you:

  • Gregory (Griss) – Sage
  • Zelestia – Melusine
  • Madeline – General

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The Twins

  • Nel – Fell Child
  • Nil – Fell Child

Throughout the Fell Xenologue, you’ll periodically get a chance to play with each of these characters. And once you complete the game, you’ll have a chance to bring them all home! This finally explains why the data miners were so confused when Fire Emblem Engage was first released! It also gives players a chance try out a new class with Melusine.

I’m a little sad to see the end of the Fire Emblem Engage DLC waves, but this was a good way to end it.

If you’re struggling to get through the DLC, you’re not alone! Be sure to check out these articles for a refresher on the best classes for each unit: Best Class for Each Character in Fire Emblem Engage.

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