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All Propaganda Tower Locations in Halo Infinite Listed

Down with the propaganda!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Propaganda Tower Locations in Halo Infinite Listed

The huge open world of Halo Infinite is filled with items to find, collect, and destroy, such as Propaganda Towers set up by the Banished that Master Chief must demolish. There are 40 of them scattered all over the zones of the Zeta Halo. By destroying the first one, you will get the “Please Shut up” achievement, and if you manage to destroy them all, the rare “Off the Air” achievement will pop up. Also, bringing down each tower brings 10 Valor Points, so it’s definitely worth it. Here’s all Propaganda Tower locations in Halo Infinite listed.

All Propaganda Tower Locations in Halo Infinite

See below for the list of all Propaganda Tower locations in Halo Infinite, split into two parts:

All Propaganda Tower Locations in Recovery and Excavation Islands

  • Tower 1 – The first one is located to the east of Outpost Tremonius.
  • Tower 2 – Travel south/southeast from Outpost Tremonius.
  • Tower 3 – From Outpost Tremonius, head north, or from Paladin Squad’s distress beacon.
  • Tower 4 – The fourth one is located near a fork in the road, just north of the Armory of Reckoning.
  • Tower 5 – Travel east of the Bengal Squad’s distress beacon.
  • Tower 6 – This one is located north of Bengal Squad or east of the Armory of Reckoning.
  • Tower 7 – Head southeast from FOB Alpha, it’s on a hill’s ridge.
  • Tower 8 – Just continue southeast from Tower 7, it’s west of the “Conservatory” mission or Excavation Site.
  • Tower 9 – From FOB Bravo, head southwest.
  • Tower 10 – This one is located east of FOB Charlie.
  • Tower 11 – Located on the tallest mountain in the island’s southeast, directly north of Foxhound Squad’s distress beacon.
  • Tower 12 – Close to a Banned High-Value Target Thav ‘Sebarim, the Elite riding a Ghost turn east from where he is.
  • Tower 13 – Located on the crest of a small hill northeast of Titan Squad’s distress beacon.
  • Tower 14 – This one is located south of FOB Delta.
  • Tower 15 – Found north of FOB Echo.
  • Tower 16 – Return to FOB Echo and head east. Alternatively, find the Courier Squad’s distress beacon and head south.
  • Tower 17 – This one is located south of Indiana Squad and is guarded by a Plasma Turret.
  • Tower 18 – Found southeast of Pyramid Squad’s location.

All Propaganda Tower Locations in Pelican Down and Sequence Islands

  • Tower 19 – This one is located just southeast of FOB Foxtrot.
  • Tower 20 – Located immediately north of the Boxer Squad’s distress beacon, or just north of FOB Golf.
  • Tower 21 – Head east from the last Propaganda Tower location, beyond Cayman Squad’s position.
  • Tower 22 – Found northwest of Carrera Squad. Alternatively, southeast of High-Value Target Okro ‘Vagaduun.
  • Tower 23 – Head east once you’ve discovered Starlight Squad’s distress beacon. It is located in the island’s south.
  • Tower 24 – Located on the slope, at the bottom of the map. Southwest of the FOB Hotel or south of the High-Value Target En ‘Geddon, which is guarded by Jackal snipers.
  • Tower 25 – Can be found along the northern perimeter of the island, west of Fortune Squad or northwest of High-Value Target En ‘Geddon.
  • Tower 26 – Located northeast of the original Propaganda Tower position. Alternatively, head northwest from Fortune Squad’s distress beacon.
  • Tower 27 – It is just south of the FOB Hotel.
  • Tower 28 – Located southeast of the bridge that links to a mountain of hexagonal blocks on the mountain’s northeastern point. Ordo Mal, a high-value target, is located to the northeast.
  • Tower 29 – Found in the AA gun island northwest of High-Value Target Skimmer Alpha. Mission “Pelican Down” is to the south.
  • Tower 30 – Head east from “Pelican Down,” approximately northeast of the eastern AA gun.
  • Tower 31 – Head west from “Pelican Down,” it’s on the edge of a mountain.
  • Tower 32 – Head north-northwest from “Pelican Down,” southwest of the middle AA gun battery.
  • Tower 33 – Located to the northwest of High-Value Target Skimmer Alpha. The Propaganda Tower is tucked away in a narrow canyon southeast of the bridge that connects to the little island with the three artillery batteries.
  • Tower 34 – Found to the east of FOB Juliet. The Tower is close to Riven Gate.
  • Tower 35 – Located in the bottom-most area of the island, southwest of FOB Kilo and south of Annex Ridge.
  • Tower 36 – This time, proceed southeast from FOB Kilo.
  • Tower 37 – Located northeast of FOB Juliet. Alternatively, north of Riven Gate. The Propaganda Tower is located at the mountain’s summit.
  • Tower 38 – There is a lake located on the Sequence Island’s eastern edge, there’s a mountain to the southeast of it, and the Propaganda Tower can be found to the north.
  • Tower 39 – Simply travel northeast from FOB November until you reach a bifurcation in the road.
  • Tower 40 – Located southeast of FOB November, between the Nexus and The Command Spire.

Now that you know the locations of all 40 towers, go and take them all down to get that elusive “Off the Air” achievement.

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