All Preorder Bonuses for Fae Farm Listed

Preordering Fae Farm will leave you feeling cozy.

Fae Farm Town
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As the release date for Fae Farm draws near, decisions need to be made as to how to purchase the game. Whether you want to play it on Nintendo Switch and enjoy the hybrid console’s benefits or play it on your PC. With cross-play confirmed, both are solid options. With that decided, it’s time to check out what preorder bonuses Fae Farm has to offer.

Fae Farm Preorder Exclusive Preorder Bonuses

Preordering Fae Farm rewards you with a preorder bonus, and fortunately for players, the bonus is the same regardless of the platform of choice. So, there is no need to choose a platform based on potential preorder bonus differences. Preordering will reward you with the ‘Cozy Cabin Variety Pack.’

The pack includes the following items:

  • Cozy Cabin Outfit
  • Garden birdhouse and bench
  • Farmhouse wallpaper, flooring, rug, and animal portrait

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The outfit, hat, and straw are such a farming vibe. I can see a lot of players dressing up like this in the beginning until more extravagant outfits and wings are available. The farmhouse interior items are adorable. Of course, what other wallpaper color schemes will be in the game remains to be seen. But that blue accent on the wood is something that I can see myself having long-term. Finally, the garden birdhouse and bench bring the whole cabin theme together.

It comes as no surprise that a game like Fae Farm with so many customization options would include some as an incentive to preorder the game. If you wish to obtain these cozy items for yourself, make sure that you preorder the game by 11:59 PM PT on September 7, 2023, so that you don’t miss out!

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