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All Pokemon with Branched Evolutions Listed

Gotta evolve 'em all (and there are a lot of 'em)

With as many Pokemon as there are, undoubtedly some will have more convoluted evolutions than others. The below lists clearly illustrate each Pokemon that has a branched evolution.

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A Complete List of Pokemon with Branched Evolutions 

Gone are the days where Pokemon simply evolve into the next evolution. Other than the singular outlier, Eevee. Now, there’s a plethora of Pokemon that can evolve into different evolutions when certain criteria is met, and if you’re looking to complete the PokeDex, you’ll need to know how to evolve both.

List of Pokemon With Standard Branched Evolutions

The following list includes Pokémon with more than one possible evolution in the same form. For example, Meowth can evolve into Persian or Perrserker, but it’s only Galarian Meowth that can evolve into Perrserker, while Kantonian and Alolan Meowth can only evolve into Persian.

PokemonPossible Evolutions
GloomVileplume (Leaf Stone)
Bellossom (Sun Stone)
PoliwhirlPoliwrath (Water Stone)
Politoed (Trade while holding King’s Rock)
SlowpokeSlowbro (Level 37)
Slowking (Trade while holding King’s Rock)
ScytherScizor (Trade while holding Metal Coat)
Kleavor (Black Augurite) (Legends: Arceus only)
EeveeVaporeon (Water Stone)
Jolteon (Thunder Stone)
Flareon (Fire Stone)
Espeon (Level up with high friendship during the day)
Umbreon (Level up with high friendship during the night)
Leafeon (Leaf Stone)
Glaceon (Ice Stone)
Sylveon (Level up with high friendship while knowing a Fairy-type move)
TyrogueHitmonlee (Level 20 and Attack is greater than Defense)
Hitmonchan (Level 20 and Defense is greater than Attack)
Hitmontop (Level 20 and Attack and Defense are equal)
WurmpleSilcoon (Level 7, random)
Cascoon (Level 7, random)
KirliaGardevoir (Level 30)
Gallade (Dawn Stone) (Male only)
NincadaNinjask (Level 20)
Shedinja (Appears in your party separately when Nincada becomes Level 20 if you have at least one Poke Ball in your inventory and at least one free space in your party)
SnoruntGlalie (Level 42)
Froslass (Dawn Stone) (Female only)
ClamperlHuntail (Trade while holding Deep Sea Tooth)
Gorebyss (Trade while holding Seep Sea Scale)
BurmyWormadam (Level 20) (Female only)
Mothim (Level 20) (Male only)
CosmoemSolgaleo (Level 53) (Sun, Ultra Sun, Sword, and Scarlet only)
Lunala (Level 53) (Moon, Ultra Moon, Shield, and Violet only)
ApplinFlapple (Tart Apple)
Appletun (Sweet Apple)
Dipplin (Syrupy Apple)
CharcadetArmarouge (Auspicious Armor)
Ceruledge (Malicious Armor)

Eevee is defined by its many split evolutions, with the classification “Evolution Pokemon.” Its evolution methods have changed across the different games. This list uses the most recent evolution methods for each of Eevee’s evolutions.

List of Pokemon With Different Forms of the Same Evolution

The following list includes Pokemon that always evolve into the same Pokemon, although its form may change based on various circumstances.

PokemonPossible Evolutions
PikachuRaichu (Thunder Stone)
Alolan Raichu (Thunder Stone) (Alola only)
ExeggcuteExeggutor (Leaf Stone)
Alolan Exeggutor (Leaf Stone) (Alola only)
CuboneMarowak (Level 28)
Alolan Marowak (Level 28 at night) (Alola only)
KoffingWeezing (Level 35)
Galarian Weezing (Level 35) (Galar only)
QuilavaTyphlosion (Level 36)
Hisuian Typhlosion (Level 36) (Hisui only)
DewottSamurott (Level 36)
Hisuian Samurott (Level 36) (Hisui only)
PetililLilligant (Sun Stone)
Hisuian Lilligant (Sun Stone) (Hisui only)
RuffletBraviary (Level 54)
Hisuian Braviary (Level 54) (Hisui only)
EspurrFemale Meowstic (Level 25) (Female only)
Male Meowstic (Level 25) (Male only)
GoomySliggoo (Level 40)
Hisuian Sliggoo (Level 40) (Hisui only)
BergmiteAvalugg (Level 37)
Hisuian Avalugg (Level 37) (Hisui only)
DartrixDecidueye (Level 34)
Hisuian Decidueye (Level 36) (Hisui only)
RockruffMidday Form Lycanroc (Level 25 during the day)
Midnight Form Lycanroc (Level 25 at night)
Dusk Form Lycanroc (Level 25 in the evening) (Own Tempo Rockruff only)
ToxelAmped Form Toxtricity (Level 30) (Adamant, Brave, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Naive, Naughty, Quirky, Rash, and Sassy Natures only)
Low Key Form Toxtricity (Level 30) (Bashful, Bold, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Relaxed, Serious, Timid, and Quiet Natures only)
KubfuSingle Strike Style Urshifu (Scroll of Darkness)
rapid Strike Style Urshifu (Scroll of Waters)

Cherrim exists in this category only in Pokemon GO. In the mainline Pokemon games, Cherubi can change between its two forms in battle, going from Overcast Form to Sunshine Form when the weather is sunny.

List of Pokemon With Different Appearances of the Same Evolution

The following list includes Pokemon that always evolve into the same Pokemon, although those Pokemon may have major visual differences. These evolutions don’t have any gameplay differences from each other.

PokemonEvolutionAppearance Difference
TranquillUnfezant (Level 32)Gender
SpewpaVivillon (Level 12)Wing pattern
LitleoPyroar (Level 35)Gender
LechonkOinkologne (Level 18)Gender
TandemausMaushold (Level 25 in battle only)Family of Four or Three
DunsparceDudunsparce (Level up while knowing Hyper Drill)Two-Segment or Three-Segment

Evolutions That Stem from a Particular Form of Pre-Evolution

The following list includes Pokemon that don’t have split evolutions so much as only certain “categories” of the pre-evolution can evolve at all. This is usually based on the Pokemon’s gender or if it’s a regional variant. Unlike Pokemon that evolve into regional variants when in a certain region, these pre-evolved regional variant Pokemon can evolve in any game as long as they can be transferred to it.

Galarian Farfetch’dSirfetch’d (Land three critical hits in the same battle)
Galarian Mr. MimeMr. Rime (Level 42)
Hisuian QwilfishOverqwil (Level up while knowing Barb Barrage)
Galarian CorsolaCursola (Level 38)
Galarian LinooneObstagoon (Level 35 during the night)
Combee (Female)Vespiquen (Level 21)
White-Striped BasculinBasculegion (Level up after losing at least 294 HP from recoil damage without fainting) (Male and female Basculegion have distinct appearances; male Basculegion has more Attack while female Basculegion has more Special Attack)
Salandit (Female)Level 33

Distinct Evolutions for Different Forms of the Same Pokemon

Unlike the above list, which includes Pokemon that have certain forms that don’t evolve at all, this list includes Pokemon that can evolve in any form. Their evolutions may be entirely different Pokemon, however.

PokemonPossible Evolutions
Meowth (Kantonian, Alolan, Galarian)Persian (Kantonian) (Level 28) (Kantonian Meowth only)
Persian (Alolan) (Level up with high friendship) (Alolan Meowth only)
Perrserker (Level 28) (Galarian Meowth only)
Wooper (Johtonian, Paldean)Quagsire (Level 20) (Johtonian Wooper only)
Clodsire (Level 20) (Paldean Wooper only)
Sneasel (Johtonian, Hisuian)Weavile (Level up at night while holding Razor Claw) (Johtonian Sneasel only)
Sneasler (Level up during the day while holding Razor Claw) (Hisuian Sneasel only)
Yamask (Unovan, Galarian)Cofagrigus (Level 34) (Unovan Yamask only)
Runerigus (Travel under the large rock arch in the Dusty Bowl (Wild Area) after taking at least 49 HP of damage in battle without fainting) (Galarian Yamask only)

Pokemon That Only Evolve in Certain Games

The following list includes Pokemon that, as of generation nine, can only evolve in certain games.

PokemonPossible Evolution
UrsaringUrsaluna (Peat Block during a full moon) (Legends: Arceus only)
StantlerWyrdeer (Use Agile Style Psyshield Bash at least 20 times) (Legends: Arceus only)

Bloodmoon Ursaluna does not evolve from Ursaring. It is a form of Ursaluna that is not related to any other Pokemon through evolution.

Pokemon That Are Related, But Not by Evolution

The following Pokemon are related to one another due to the fact that they can make Eggs of each other when breeding. In other words, when the female Pokemon is bred with another Pokemon, the Egg may be of its species or the related male Pokemon’s species. When the male Pokemon is bred with a Ditto, the resulting Egg may be of its species or the related female Pokemon’s species. As such, they’re not so much “split evolutions” as they are “split Egg possibilities.”

Pokemon Group
Nidoran Female and Nidoran Male (and Nidorino and Nidoking)
Volbeat and Illumise
Note that while the Nidoran Female and Male lines are connected through this method, Nidorina and Nidoqueen themselves cannot produce Eggs.

It is typically thought that Tauros and Miltank are related in this manner. However, Tauros and Ditto will never produce Miltank Eggs, and Miltank can never produce Tauros Eggs.

The list of Pokemon with branched evolutions is so complex that the lists themselves need to be branched out to properly categorize them. There are also some Pokemon with multiple Mega Evolutions, although those aren’t permanent changes and thus aren’t really “branching” the same way branching evolutions are.

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