All Pokemon that Evolve with a Magnetic Lure in Pokemon GO – Listed

A sentient Lego head or an aluminum UFO? Decisions, decisions.

Evolving Pokemon in mainline Pokemon games starts off hard and becomes increasingly easy as you hit mid- to late-game. But in Pokemon GO, it can be much harder, as evolution items are hard to come by. Because of that, you might want to use them with care.

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All Pokemon that Evolve with a Magnetic Lure in Pokemon GO – Listed

Magnetic Lures are an item exclusive to Pokemon GO, and it’s the main way some of the more unique Electric-Pokemon evolutions are handled. And because one was recently given out as part of the A Mystic Hero quest, many trainers will be able to evolve those Pokemon for the first time.

Here are all the possible evolutions from using a Magnetic Lure in Pokemon GO.

  • Nosepass into Probopass
  • Magneton into Magnezone

It’s a short list, reserved for some of the more “out there” electric Pokemon, who would otherwise need to be leveled up at a particular mountain in-game. But because Mount Coronet doesn’t exist in the real world, we have to settle for using the much more convenient Magnetic Lure.

To evolve these Pokemon using the Magnetic Lure, all you need to do is to equip the Magnetic Lure to your nearest Pokestop. Once that’s done, go into your Pokemon inventory, select Magneton or Nosepass, and you’ll see that there is now an option to evolve it.

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Of course, like any other Pokemon, you’ll still need a certain amount of candy. But if you have that, evolution is literally as easy as clicking a button.

The Magnetic Lure doesn’t even have to be your own. If you see one nearby, head towards it to make use of it. And note that it will also help increase the spawn of Electric Pokemon in the area, which is it’s normal use.

If you don’t have a Magnetic Lure but want to grab one for yourself, check out this Pokemon GO quest: Pokémon Go: A Mystic Hero, All Quest Steps and Rewards.

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