All Paired Endings and Mementos in Fire Emblem Engage

It's not easy to seduce 34 characters. But is it worth it? No, just read this instead.

Fire Emblem Engage offers no shortage of characters to woo into intense platonic relationships, business partnerships, and intimate relationships. But unlocking each one is a commitment of time and resources. For your convenience, here are all paired endings and mementos in Fire Emblem Engage.

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All Paired Endings and Mementos in Fire Emblem Engage

Because there are so many paired options (34 total), the easiest way to find the ending you’re interested in is using CTRL+F and the character name. Otherwise, I’ve listed each character alphabetically and included their S-Support screenshot, the memento they leave in your bedroom, and the paired ending you’ll see at the end of the campaign.

For that reason, expect ample spoilers! Now that you’ve been warned, let’s get into it:


“I will stand beside you proudly and be the best prince I can be, to the very end.”

Alcryst’s Memento:

A rare Brodian stone with red and blue tones mixed together. Alcryst gave me this gift on the day we forged our special bond.

Alcryst’s Paired Ending

Gives a shy smile and gentle wave whenever he sees the Divine Dragon. Seems more confident whenever they’re together. Says the Pact Ring is too precious to wear, but slips it on before he sleeps.


“I’m done holding back my feelings. I love you. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.”

Alfred’d Memento:

Heirloom embroidery from the Firene royal family that Alfred gave me as a sign of his feelings. It’s practically a national treasure.

Alfred’s Paired Ending:

He keeps the Divine Dragon updated on small joys their friends find and tries to keep his health up so that they have more time to spend together. He keeps the Pact Ring in an embroidered bag.


“We’re twin blades now, bound together forever! Even if you regret it later! Which you won’t!”

Amber’s Memento:

A “super-fluffy” alpaca doll. Amber worked through the night to make this for me as a symbol of our promise to fight side by side.

Amber’s Paired Ending:

Proudly supports the Divine Dragon. They smile when they greet each other and sometimes chat in Alpacan. He calls the Pact Ring a “legendary treasure” and keeps it safe in a hand-made wooden box.


“Nope! This partnership is our ticket to fame, fortunate, and finding my family!”

Anna’s Memento:

Anna’s handmade Sweethearts Day pendant. She gave me this high-quality piece on the day we became business partners.

Anna’s Paired Ending:

She shares product ideas with the Divine Dragon to develop her business. They celebrate the anniversary of their partnership every year. She keeps the Pact Ring on a string around her neck.


“I may get lost in life and feel emotional, but I’ll always find my way with you, Alear.”

Boucheron Memento:

Boucheron gave me this precious gift, one of his favorite books, to show me what I meant to him.

Boucheron Paired Ending:

He always has a sympathetic ear for the Divine Dragon and remains supportive. He only wears the Pact Ring on very special occasions so as not to tear up at the sight of it.


“This moment tastes of pure sweetness. But I will savor all the flavors we cook up together.”

Bunet’s Memento:

Bunet’s jabot. He gave it to me as a symbol of our partnership. The scent of fresh herbs still lingers on it.

Bunet’s Paired Ending:

His finds joy in creating new dishes inspired by days spent with the Divine Dragon. He keeps the Pact Ring in a small silverware-style box with flowers and herbs. He once tasted the ring’s gem.


“Divine One, your unwavering support has lifted a great weight from me. You are a true friend.”

Celine’s Memento:

An impressively fancy tea set from Celine. She gave it to me so that we’d have matching sets for our tea parties.

Celine’s Paired Ending:

Has tea with the Divine Dragon daily. They support each other even through tragedies in battle. She keeps the Pact Ring on a peony-shaped pedestal, though she always wears it when they’re together.


“Today is the opening chapter of the tale of the Divine One and me. A story for the ages!”

Chloe’s Memento:

Chloe’s favorite folk food. She brings me something new every day, and I never get tired of trying it.

Chloe’s Paired Ending:

She still searches out lovely scenes, but her favorite is of herself and the Divine Dragon sharing folk food. She keeps the Pact Ring in a beautiful accessory case decorated with her Pegasus’s feathers.


“What a gift exchange this is—you and I both offering to support one another. It’s priceless.”

Citrinne’s Memento:

The flowers and pebble Citrinne gave me. They represent her truest self, so I keep them on display as a token of our close friendship.

Citrinne’s Paired Ending:

Forgoes lavish gifts and shares kind words with the Divine Dragon instead. Wants to go together to a formal ball someday. Keeps the Pact Ring on a luxurious pedestal.


“Divine Dragon. This new duty is an honor! I will be your steward forever.”

Clanne’s Memento:

Clanne’s ribbon. He gave me this as a symbol of his devotion and admiration.

Clanne’s Paired Ending:

He wears the Pact Ring when he’s alone, gazing at it and imagining a day when he will feel tall enough to stand by the Divine Dragon’s side and offer his protection in battle.


“I vow to protect you, Divine One. From this point on, I will always fight by your side.”

Diamant’s Memento:

A ring featuring the Brodian signet, considered a national treasure. Diamant gave this to me as a symbol of our mutual support.

Diamant’s Paired Ending:

On both the Somniel and the battlefield, he always keeps an eye on the Divine Dragon, whom he loves to see with his Brodian ring. Wears the Pact Ring in a silk pouch he conceals in his shirt.


“Then let’s get moving, Alear. Last one back to the Somniel is a rotten egg!”

Etie’s Memento:

Etie’s tiara. She gave this to me as a symbol of our friendship and to inspire me to put my heart into our training.

Etie’s Paired Ending:

She watches over the Divine Dragon’s health and helps out with difficult tasks, such as opening stuck jars. The two often go for long jogs. She keeps the Pact Ring in a flower-shaped case.


“I promise this easy-going rascal will be your solid and genuine ally for all time.”

Fogado’s Memento:

Fogado’s necklace made of pure gold. He gave it to me as a symbol of the honest and genuine friendship we share.

Fogado’s Paired Ending:

Though he still enjoys being a rascal, Fogado is entirely genuine when he’s with the Divine Dragon. He always wears the Pact Ring and, before battle, kisses the gem at its center for good luck.

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“From now on, I’ll be cheering you on and standing by your side. Allies for always!”

Framme’s Memento:

Framme’s hat. She gave me this as a symbol of our friendship, asking me to think of her whenever I wear it.

Framme’s Paired Ending:

Always overjoyed to see the Divine Dragon, she still cheers loudly when the time is right. She keeps the Pact Ring in her treasure box, so she won’t lose it, but plans to wear it when she’s more responsible.


“Here’s to us—the envy of the world. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Goldmary’s Memento:

Goldmary’s hairpin. She said it would be the perfect symbol of a perfect partnership.

Goldmary’s Paired Ending:

Always ensures the Divine Dragon is well supplied with compliments and packed lunches. Routinely boasts of how happy she is. Keeps the Pact Ring quietly to herself, wearing it only in privacy.


“Because if all that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t be so special to me.”

Hortensia’s Memento:

The cutest ribbon Hortensia could find. Given to me as proof that our friendship is special to her.

Hortensia’s Paired Ending:

Always makes sure she has time to spend with the Divine Dragon. keeps the Pact Ring in a jewelry box she inherited from her mother, waiting for just the right occasion to show it off.


“Now and forever, you have my endless devotion and adoration.”

Ivy’s Memento:

Ivy’s fascinator. She was blushing when she gave me this symbol of her devotion.

Ivy’s Paired Ending:

Open about her affection toward the Divine Dragon. Treasures their time together. The Pact Ring is stowed in a gold box for safekeeping. She gazes at it only in the privacy of her own room.


“The bond we share is now stronger than iron… and nothing will break it.”

Jade’s Memento:

Jade’s sturdy shield. She gave this to me as a symbol of our close bond, saying that she would always protect me.

Jade’s Paired Ending:

She smiles whenver she’s near the Divine Dragon. Now working on a book about a Divine Dragon and their loyal knight. Shields the Pact Ring by keeping it safe inside an iron box at all times.


“Thanks for believing in me. I’ll work hard to become a doctor worthy of treating you.”

Jean’s Memento:

A spare hat Jean gave me after he became my personal physician. It’s a reminder that I can always lean on him.

Jean’s Paired Ending:

He often frets over the Divine Dragon. When they pick herbs together, he presses one between the pages of his texts. He keeps the Pact Ring in a glass bottle for the day it fits him better.


“And as your partner, I will devote my life to bringing you happiness. Because I love you!”

Kagetsu’s Memento:

Kagetsu’s hair band, made out of silk from Pale Sands. He gave it to me as a symbol of our love.

Kagetsu’s Paired Ending:

Boldly proclaims his love for the Divine Dragon every time they meet. Serious and very protective in battle. Wears the Pact Ring everywhere he goes, very nearly losing it on dozens of occasions.


“You’ll be safe with me. It turns out we’re both pretty crafty… so let’s carve out a better world.”

Lapis’ Memento:

Lapis’ beloved Brodian yams. Ever since I gave her the engraved ring, she’s always bringing me new foods…some more appetizing than others.

Lapis’ Paired Ending:

Shares many hobbies with the Divine Dragon, such as crafting and tending to plants all over the Somniel. Still has anxiety about high society. Keeps the Pact Ring in a box she made from special stone.


“I’ll make sure that it’s worth your while. Now, shall we go save the world?”

Lindon’s Memento:

Lindon’s antique silver locket. He presented it to me along with a bakset of fresh-baked cookies to cement our partnership.

Lindon’s Paired Ending:

He and the Divine Dragon get along well, always laughing together at his experiments. He keeps the Pact Ring in a locket and says he’ll wear it for the first time at the Divine Dragon’s coronation ceremony.

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“It feels odd to step out of serving you and grow so close. But it’s a step I’m happy I took.”

Louis’s Memento:

A ring from Louis that came to me from his family. I still remember how nervous he was the day we exchanged rings.

Louis’s Paired Ending:

He’s kinder than ever and even more solicitous, ignoring his people-watching in favor of watching over the Divine Dragon. He keeps the Pact Ring polished and hopes to craft a match to it someday.


“I thought I would never feel happiness. Now I know nothing else. I will always be by your side.”

Mauvier’s Memento:

Mauvier’s circlet. A spell on it wards off harm. He gave it to me as a symbol of our partnership.

Mauvier’s Paired Ending:

He keeps watch on the Divine Dragon whom he treats as a treasure. He keeps the Pact Ring in a delicately carved small box and carefully polishes it on a daily basis.


“I adore you, Divine One. The stories we write together will be told for thousands of years.”

Merrin’s Memento:

The manuscript Merrin and I are working on—a symbol of our devotion to each other. We will fill its pages with the story of our life together.

Merrin’s Paired Ending:

She continues to writer her book about the Divine Dragon, and hopes they’ll care for an animal together one day. She rarely wears the Pact Ring because it puts such a big-but-uncool smile on her face.


“Divine One, I adore you. And no matter what lies ahead, I will never let go of your hand.”

Pandreo’s Memento:

Pandreo’s scarf. He said a prayer as he gave me this sacred relic to mark and to celebrate our mutual devotion.

Pandreo’s Paired Ending:

He enjoys sharing a special smile with the Divine Dragon, whom he is no longer nervous around. He is quietly devoted to his partner and keeps the Pact Ring in an altar in his room, praying to it daily.


“I can think of no one I’d rather fight beside. You are the one I truly adore.”

Panette’s Memento:

Panette’s hair ornament. It is the most refined one she could find. She gave it to me as a symbol of the steadfast feelings we share.

Panette’s Paired Ending:

Ladylike as ever, Panette lives in total harmony with the Divine Dragon despite initial fears. She wears the Pact Ring at all times except during combat. Then she keeps it in her favorite black box.


“No matter what happens, as long as you see this on my finger, you know I’ll be there for you.”

Rosado’s Memento:

Rosado’s hair clip. He gave this to me to prove that he thinks I’m the cutest.

Rosado Paired Ending:

Praises the Divine Dragon’s cuteness daily, capturing it in many flattering portraits. As promised, he keeps the Pact Ring with him at all times and wears it happily.


“That goes both ways. I’ll fight with all I have to protect you… and to make you happy.”

Saphir’s Memento:

Saphir’s hair clasp. Shave gave it to me as proof of our partnership. Unusually sentimental of her.

Saphir’s Paired Ending:

Bonds with the Divine Dragon through mutual interest in sparring and seafood. Does not wear the Pact Ring often, thinking it doesn’t suit her, but tucks it under her armor whenever she goes to battle.


“Nothing in this lovely, mysterious world could keep me from you.”

Seadall’s Memento:

Seadall’s fine silk headscarf. He picked this one to match his own from a shop in town to celebrate how brightly we shine together.

Seadall’s Paired Ending:

He finds life with the Divine Dragon deeply fulfilling, and the two enjoy long talks on starry nights. He keeps the Pact Ring in a gold-embroidered bag and only wears it for special dance performances.


“This will be our bond forever… no matter where we are or where we go, we are always together.”

Timerra’s Memento:

Timerra’s jewel-encrusted gold hair ornament. She gave it to me rather casually as a symbol of our hearts’ connection.

Timerra’s Paired Ending:

She enjoys making bonfires for the Divine Dragon when they are together. But even when they spend time apart, she always has the Pact Ring with her in a pouch made of golden thread.


“I, Vander, swear to protect you. I will be you sword and shield, even should it cost me my life.”

Vander’s Memento:

Vander’s fine velour choker from his civilian clothes. He gave me this as a symbol of his loyalty.

Vander’s Paired Ending:

Does not mix public and private affairs, though some may say he looks more softly on the Divine Dragon. Rarely wears the Pact Ring so as not to damage it, and is meticulous in caring for it each night.


“I swear on this ring(… I’ll stand by your side and be a dragon who’s ready to save the world.”

Veyle’s Memento:

The beautiful stone Veyle gave me. Similar to Dragonstone, it is a precious talisman and a promise that we’ll never lose each other again.

Veyle’s Paired Ending:

She and the Divine Dragon enjoy helping people and eating spicy food together. When apart, they share each other’s thoughts. She keeps the Pact Ring in the cloth she used to wrap the Dragonstone in.

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“A new chapter starts today. I cannot wait to see what our future holds.”

Yunaka’s Memento:              

One of Yunaka’s stars. It’s actually made of pure gold. She asked me not to tell anyone.

Yunaka’s Paired Ending:

No longer burdened by lies, she smiles unreservedly at the Divine Dragon. Shares each bit of her troubled past as she leaves it behind. Keeps the Pact Ring in a gold box, treasuring it more than life.


“And I will share how each choice along the way was governed by my sentiments.”

Zelkov’s Memento:

A necklace hand made by Zelkov. He put a great deal of care into every facet of this masterpiece.

Zelkov’s Paired Ending:

Devotes most of his attention to the Divine Dragon, with whom he now speaks plainly. Keeps the Pact Ring in a locked box, the key to which is kept inside another locked box just to be thorough.

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