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What Weapons to Engrave in Fire Emblem Engage

Getting your weapon engraved is like asking a spooky ghost to sign it for you

by Daphne Fama

Engraving your weapons is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to give your best weapons that extra oomph. It costs only a handful of Bond Fragments (well, 100 – 1,000) and will edge those stats a little higher. But what weapons deserve to get Engraved? Here’s what weapons to Engrave in Fire Emblem Engage.

What Weapons to Engrave in Fire Emblem Engage

I’ll be breaking this down in alphabetical order with both weapon and what to engrave them for best effect. While this article describes the best weapons, the recommended engraves will generally work for any weapon within that section. But it’s important to note that only one Engrave can be used at a time. So choose carefully!

  • Arts → Divine Fist Art: Emblem of Beginnings OR Emblem of Holy.

Divine Fist Art is one of the best Arts in the game, obtainable only by reaching Donation Tier 5 with Brodia. The best Emblems are Emblem of Beginnings OR Emblem of Holy. Emblem of Beginnings will increase the Mt (weapon attack) of the Divine First Art while Emblem of Holy will increase the unit’s ability to Avoid damage. Fantastic, as most Arts users will be front-line.

  • Axes → Fragarach and Ukonvasara: Emblem of Fates or Emblem of Blazing.

Fragarach and Ukonvasara are the best axes in the game, obtainable after Reaching Donation Tier 5 with Solm and completing Chapter 24, respectively. These powerful weapons have high attack but what can make them devastating is increasing their ability to land critical hits. For that reason, Emblem of Fates, which increases Critical Hit rates by 30%, is ideal.

But one of the drawbacks of axes is they’re quite heavy. It can be difficult to find a unit that can actually wield the powerful Ukonvasara. For that reason, you might consider Emblem of Fire, as it will slightly reduce weight and also provide good hit and crit rates.

  • Bows → Lendabair: Emblem of Fates, Emblem of Fire.

The best bow in the game is undoubtedly Lendabair. This bow is obtained in Chapter 24. But once you obtain it, the best Emblems to place on it are Emblem of Fates and Emblem of Fire. Emblem of Fates reduces might by -2 but grants +30% critical hit rates and boosts to both avoid and dodge, making it excellent if you feel your Sniper might be susceptible to damage from the flanks or high-movement enemies.

Emblem of Fire offers the same, but with only -1% for Might and +20% across the board, making it a very versatile Emblem indeed, particularly for bow units.

  • Knives → Carnwenhan and Cinquedea: Emblem of Dawn, Emblem of Awakening.

Carnwenhan and Cinquedea are both legendary knives, with Carnwenhan being obtainable after defeating a Corrupted in Chapter 21 and Cinquedea being obtainable after defeating an enemy in Chapter 25. As you might expect, they have excellent Mt and Hit and benefit most significantly from Emblem of Dawn and Emblem of Awakening.

Emblem of Dawn will make the unit carrying a Dawn Engraved weapon almost impossible to hit, as it boosts Avoid by +40… at a -3 Mt expense. For that reason, it’s better on Carnwenhan which has Mt enough to spare (28). If you intend for your Thief or other knife wielder to play more of an assassin role, this Engrave is still worth it, even with reduced damage.

But if you feel like the reduction is too significant, then the Emblem of Awakening Engrave will only reduce Mt by -1 but offer +30 Avoid, which is still very good.

  • Lances → Brionac and Venomous: Emblem of Rivals or Emblem of Holy.

The best Lances in the game are Brionac and Venomous. Brionac can be obtained by defeating a particular Corrupted in Chapter 22, and Venomous can be obtained by reaching Donation Level 5 with Firene. As for the best Emblems to place on them, the Emblems of choice is Emblem of Rivals and Emblems of Holy.

Emblems of Rivals will provide boosts across the board, but essentially gives a little less than Emblem of Fire. But Emblem of Fire is obtainable very late in the game and might be better suited to another weapon, depending on your units. Choose between these two at your discretion.

Emblem of Holy provides slightly more Might and decent Avoid, making it preferred for a Lance Unit that you intend to frontline with, like a Paladin.

  • Swords → Caladbolg and Georgios: Emblem of Radiance, Emblem of Binding.

The best Swords in the game are the legendary swords Caladbolg and Georgios. Caladbolg can be obtained by beating a certain character in Chapter 21 and Georgios can be obtained by defeating a certain character in Chapter 23.

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Swords are one of the most versatile weapons, and many classes have access to them. The best Emblem Ring Engraves for them will depend on whether the sword user can tank a few hits, like a General, or if they’d prefer to avoid it, like a Swordmaster. Emblem of Radiance offers +3 Mt (The highest any Engrave can offer) at the expense of adding +15 weight. That makes it more ideal for Caladbolg or another lightweight sword.

Otherwise, the best Emblem is the Emblem of Binding, which offers +2 MT but only adds +8 weight. But this Engrave should only be used on heavy units like Generals, as it reduces avoid by 30%.

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