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All of Ballistics’ Abilities in Apex Legends, Listed.

This old dog knows a few tricks

by Daphne Fama

Who doesn’t love a silver fox with so much baggage he has to pay extra when getting on his flight? Ballistic is an Apex Legend who’s seen everything the Apex Games has to offer. The glory, the chaos, the carnage. And he’s decided to come back to it all, after decades in retirement. But does he still have the moves, or will he get relegated to D-Tier? Here are all of Ballistics’ Moves in Apex Legends.

All of Ballistics’ Abilities in Apex Legends, Listed.

If you were wishing for a support, recon, or control Legend… well, keep wishing. Ballistic is all about the bullet spray, as his name implies, and he falls right into the already crowded Assault Class. And his abilities reflect that perfectly.

  • PassiveSling – Can carry a third weapon that can’t take attachments.
  • Tactical: Whistler – A smart bullet that’s able to curve around corners and home in on an enemy. The bullet debuffs and overheats the target’s gun. If they let the gun overheat, it explodes and damages the target. Lasts for 12 seconds or until the explosion is triggered. The overheat applies to the player, not the weapon, so switching weapons doesn’t counter it.
  • Ultimate: Tempest – Buffs Ballistic and teammates, granting infinite ammo, faster reloads, and quicker unarmed movement speed. Also makes the Sling weapon a gold version of that weapon for the duration. Teammates must be nearby to get the buff, but they don’t have to stay close to keep it.

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We won’t really know how powerful Ballistic is in the games until he releases on May 9 with Season 17: Arsenal. But 12 seconds in the final ring can make all the difference. And how many firefights would you have won if you didn’t need to reload? If you could just swap to a third weapon instead.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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