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Persona 3 Reload Moon Social Link Answers Featured

The Moon Social Link is quite infamous among Persona 3 fans, but just like the rest of the content, it has been improved in the Reload version. There are many reasons to dislike Suemitsu, but he’s still an important Link nonetheless.

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Persona 3 Reload Moon Social Link Guide (P3R)

The Moon Social Link in Persona 3 Reload is represented by Nozomi Suemitsu, the Gourmet King. It is unlocked by reaching Magician Rank 3 and increasing your Charm to at least Level 2 (Unpolished), then visiting him at the Paulownia Mall. You must then correctly answer his Gourmet Quiz and deliver him an Odd Morsel, which unlocks his Link.

Nozomi is available every day, including holidays and days before tests (despite being a student), so while you shouldn’t neglect his Social Link, he’s not a big priority compared to those in your school, who are periodically unavailable or have tighter schedules.

Always bring a Moon Persona (such as Gurulu) to guarantee those extra points per dialogue option, or you may not always increase your rank each time you spend time with the Gourmet King. Getting the “I feel like I might grow closer to Suemitsu soon…” message means that this next meeting is a guaranteed rank-up.

Rank 2

QuestionBest answer
Well? Would you wanna be… my younger brother?Sure, why not.

Rank 3

QuestionBest answer
So? Do you “get me,” hm? Who am I? Go on, I wanna hear it come out of your mouth!The Gourmet King

Rank 4

QuestionBest answer
Whew… That was way too close. If that toilet was just a bit further away… Ohhhh, boy.Are you feeling sick?

Rank 5

QuestionBest answer
Right, protagonist-kun?That’s right.

Rank 6

QuestionBest answer
I don’t get it. I was fine up until a minute ago, then suddenly I felt sick.Are you sick?

Rank 7

QuestionBest answer
Well? Did that just blow your mind?The world is ending?
Not to mention you’ll get a discount since I’ll be referring you, too. You are one lucky guy!Any

Rank 8

QuestionBest answer
Look at me! I’m paper-thin now!No, you’re not.

Rank 9

QuestionBest answer
Finally, Paradise is smiling back at me! Yes! Yesss!Any

Your Link will reverse here. Don’t worry as this is scripted, and won’t affect your progress. It’ll be back to normal by the end of the event. You’ll need an extra encounter before finishing the Link anyway.

Rank 10

QuestionBest answer
But I couldn’t even cry. I actually felt… relieved. I though, “Maybe they’ll all finally stop laughing at me.!Any
But if I keep this up, I’ll never be able to replace my brother, will I?Any

While it has its rough patches (and I mean A LOT of those), the Gourmet King Social Link ends positively for Suemitsu, as he seemingly turns over a new leaf instead of going back to his old selfish ways. He’s still not a good portrayal regarding compulsive eating, though. At least his new Voice Actor could make some non-food-related scenes more interesting.

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