All Persona 3 Reload Voice Actors Listed

A brand-new team ready to Burn their Dread

Persona 3 Reload Voice Actors

It’s official now: Persona 3 is getting a remake for modern consoles in Persona 3 Reload. The new title was leaked a few days prior to its official debut in the Xbox Games Showcase, but the official announcement brought lots of news on how this remake will go. One of them is having a whole new cast.

As iconic as the original voice actors could be, life isn’t easy, and changes must be made eventually. So Atlus pulled the trigger and brought a whole new crew to voice the S.E.E.S members. Here are all Persona 3 Reload voice actors listed.

All New Persona 3 Reload Voice Actors

  • Protagonist/Makoto Yuki: Aleks Le (Luke in Street Fighter, Zenitsu in Demon Slayer) 
  • Yukari Takeba: Heather Gonzalez (Mineru in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Cocolia in Honkai: Star Rail)
  • Junpei Iori: Zeno Robinson (Dee Jay in Street Fighter, Vetteh in Horizon: Forbidden West)
  • Akihiko Sanada: Alejandro Saab (Cyno in Genshin Impact, Yuri Leclerc in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes)
  • Mitsuru Kirijo: Allegra Clark (Marisa in Street Fighter, Beidou in Genshin Impact)
  • Fuuka Yamagishi: Suzie Yeung (Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Ochette in Octopath Traveler II)
  • Shinjiro Aragaki: Justice Slocum (Tetsuro Kuromazaki in Lost Judgement)
  • Ken Amada: Justine Lee (Female Team Flare Grunt in Pokémon Masters)
  • Aigis: Dawn Bennett (Female Shez in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Yukong in Honkai: Star Rail)

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And there you have it! Be ready to hear those new folks shouting “PERSONA!” from the top of their lungs for dozens of hours in a few months, as the game is set to be released in early 2024. It’ll probably be hard not to hear some iconic voices, but I’m pretty confident this new cast has more than it takes to hold the mantle.

Why Did The Voice Actors Change in Persona 3 Remake?

There was no official explanation for why Atlus recast all characters. People knew that some VAs probably wouldn’t return to a potential P3 remake due to controversies they’ve been involved in, but a whole new cast was definitely unexpected. And to be quite honest, it felt like a good surprise indeed.

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