All Missable Companions in Starfield

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Starfield Adoring Fan
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You’re bound to miss something while playing Starfield. It’s a massive game designed with longevity and multiple playthroughs in mind. It’s not too terrible when you miss out on a unique weapon, but a companion? That’s a bit more heartbreaking. Unfortunately, some companions will be locked behind special perks or questlines. You likely won’t recruit each one in a single playthrough, at least not unless you’re desperately trying. Here are all missable companions in Starfield!

Every Missable Companion in Starfield

Starfield features numerous companions ranging from romantic interests to adoring fans who worship the ground you walk upon. You must find and recruit them to your crew or as a companion to follow you into battle.

Adoring Fan

To recruit the Adoring Fan, one of the game’s most annoying yet interesting companions, you must first select the ‘Hero Worshipped Trait’ during character creation. After working your way through the prologue, he’ll run up to you in New Atlantis, proclaiming his adoration for your glory. For me, he appeared only after I delivered the Artifact to Constellation and took the NAT back to the spaceport.

Amelia Earhart

Starfield Amelia Earheart Companion
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A woman plucked from the annals of history, Amelia Earhart finds herself trapped on Charybdis III in the Charybdis Star System. It’s a high-level system, so prep for mighty enemies and high-end Grav Drive requirements to reach her. But in any case, you can recruit Ms. Earhart upon completing “Operation Starseed.”

Erick Von Price

While wandering Cydonia, you will likely stumble upon Jane’s Goods, a small, independent shop in the lower residential district of the settlement. The owner, Jane, will request your help recovering her starship and pilot. That pilot, Erick Von Price, somehow lost the ship, Berry Mule, to a group of mercenaries. You can recruit Erick by persuading the mercenaries to release him.


Starfield Heller and Lin Companions
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You’ll meet Heller and Lin before anyone else in Starfield during the prologue working for Argos Extractors. But after completing some of the main story, you’ll return to Vectera, where you can track down Heller and Barrett. You can recruit the former, but you’ll first need to help him overcome adversity.


During “Entangled,” perhaps one of the best story missions in Starfield, you’ll fight through twisting realities in Nishina Research Lab on Freya III. You’ll find Rafael trapped in an alternate reality involving death and destruction. You can recruit him if you help and save him from this version of events. But if you fail to rescue him, he’s gone forever.

There you have it! Every missable companion in Starfield, along with how and where to recruit them, so you don’t miss out on a single one!

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