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All Metroid Prime Remastered Differences From The Original Release

Just like the old times

by Patrick Souza
Metroid Prime Remastered Differences

After all of those long-time rumors, Metroid Prime Remastered was suddenly released for the Nintendo Switch following its sudden announcement during the 02/08 Nintendo Direct. The GameCube classic title is finally available for modern platforms, and players can enjoy this new version of the game with a few tweaked details. Take a look at everything added to this re-released here.

All Metroid Prime Remastered Differences and Updates

As this is only a remaster of the original release, no actual new content was implemented, so expect no new bosses, areas, or weapons. That doesn’t mean that the Remastered version isn’t worth it. On the contrary, it has a fair share of features that are very welcome to the game.

The first of them is obviously the improved graphics as the original Metroid Prime was released all the way back in 2002. But not only new, updated models were introduced, but small details such as Samus being able to walk without her weapon after putting it away, new visual indicators for certain game mechanics, a few new animations, and other minor changes to locations and characters. But the mirror doesn’t reflect Samus anymore for some reason.

Another minor but welcoming change is that charging your beam will now quickly shoot three times before fully charging, which is definitely helpful and improves a lot from the original release. 

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The other major differences were the new control options, which include motion controls as was already discussed here. Pick your favorite among them to enjoy the game as best as you can.

A final new addition is the Extras menu, in which you unlock some fancy things, such as soundtracks and items models, by collecting upgrades and progressing through the game. 

And for now, those were all the differences we could find in this updated version of Metroid Prime. Prima Games will be sure to update this list as new differences are discovered, but so far, the game’s been pretty much a faithful updated version from the original, with only a few QoL changes for the best.

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