All Lost Cycranes Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

The Seven Deadly Sincranes

Cycranes are delivery robots that often lead you to treasures in Honkai: Star Rail. You will first meet them when exploring the Xianzhou Luofu areas, where you escort them during their deliveries to be rewarded with a chest. However, the cities are also filled with them, and some are even slacking off. 

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Wait, so are the robots revolting against their masters? Nah, it is not that bad, but we are still tasked with finding missing Cycranes. The achievements you get from finding them are all named after the Seven Deadly Sins for some reason. Do not think about it, just accept it. Let us hop onto our crusade.

All Lost Cycranes Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

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You get this hidden quest after interacting with the Depressed Cycrane, which is located next to the entrance of the Central Starskiff Haven. After breathing some purpose back into its life, head west until you see Ziqiao next to the Space Anchor. Speak with her and she will inform you that more Cycranes are missing. You are now tasked with finding all of them and returning them to Ziqiao. 

The first one you got was Sloth and there are 6 Cycranes left, so it is time to uncover (and not commit) the remaining sins! They are scattered around various maps, so get ready to go back and forth looking for them.

Two Cycranes are hiding in the Central Starskiff Haven after you found the first one, so grab those ones first.

1 – Gluttony

Speak with the Dissatisfied Crane next to the merchant. Do not worry about his riddles, he goes back to duty regardless of your answer. If you are curious about the right answer, this Cycrane’s a petty little liar. And also, a sinner. 

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2 – Envy

After speaking with the Resentful Cycrane, it will challenge you to find it somewhere on the map. Ignore the Recipient Address map it gives you as they are off-track. This cheating bird’s real location is marked as the X in the image above.

3 – Pride

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Found in the Exalting Sanctum. Look for the Cycrane with the Moniker “Stonker” and help the gang solve their homework. Split the Strales equally (5 for each) and the Cycrane agrees to come back to the Express.

4 – Lust

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Now teleport to the lower Space Anchor in Cloudford and go downstairs to see the Courteous Cycrane at your right. Follow it to its desired location and please, for the love of god, just pretend you did not read any of the dialogue here. Really. While they definitely deserve a raise, writers for this game also need some help.

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5 – Greed

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You will find the Cycrane with the moniker “Evil Dragon” right next to some stairs in a covered area. Solve its Abacus Circuitry puzzle to repair it and it will safely return to the Express.

6 – Wrath

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The last remaining Brave Cycrane is next to a Space Anchor on Stargazer Navalia. Teleport to the nearby Anchor and climb down the stairs to see the Brave Cycrane fending off some monsters by itself. Rescue it before it is too late, and then it will safely return to Ziqiao.

It is about time you see her too. Go back and sign (or not) the papers to receive your final reward: x20 Stellar Jades plus 8 brand-new achievements. Good job, Cycrane Hunter!

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