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Where to Find Ziqiao in Honkai: Star Rail

I hate when delivery services send me one of their workers instead of treasure chests.

by Patrick Souza

The Xianzhou Luofu maps have a very unique approach to puzzles in Honkai: Star Rail. Those areas have repeatable puzzles triggered when speaking with certain NPCs around the map, and those are refreshed daily. When solving one at Cloudford, you have a chance to come across an NPC that instead of giving you a chest, sends you to meet Ziqiao to get your reward.

Although she tells you that she’s located in the Central Starskiff Haven, that’s pretty much all info you’ll ever get out of her, so it’s time to search for the delivery manager. And here’s where you’ll find Ziqiao in Honkai: Star Rail.

Where to Find Ziqiao in Honkai: Star Rail

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Ziqiao can be found next to the entrance of the Central Starskiff Haven, very close to a Space Anchor. All you gotta do is walk down the stairs and search for her in the previous lane. She is next to some cart boxes and various Cycranes. Hand her the Access Code for the “Chest” item you got back in Cloudford and your reward chest will spawn right next to her.

After collecting your hard-earned reward, go back to Cloudford to finally resume your Navigation Compass puzzles so you can get even more chests.

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Getting the NPC inside the container seems to be a random occurrence. You’ve probably noticed that anything can come out of that puzzle, from regular chests to monsters and even a couple that gets annoyed when you discover them. Sometimes you get errands like these, so you have no other choice than fulfilling them to continue with your remaining puzzles.

Ziqiao is also involved in the Seven Cycranes hidden quest in the Central Starskiff Haven, so you’ll probably be seeing her a lot if you’ve been interacting with all entities this city has to offer. You can complete this side mission without interrupting your Cycrane chase, so don’t worry about it.

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