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Shy girls have their own charm.

Persona 3 Reload Justice Social Link Answers Featured

The Justice Social Link, or Treasurer Social Link, is one of the many bonds you can make in Persona 3 Reload by befriending other students in your class. This one revolves around the initially shy Chihiro Fushimi and her eventual growth.

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Persona 3 Reload Justice Social Link Guide (P3R)

Justice can be started on 5/23 at its earliest. After starting the Emperor Social Link automatically on 4/27, you can occasionally speak with Chihiro next to the Student Council Room on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Speak with her on three separate days using the following answers during each of them:

  • Day 1 – I just wanted to talk…
  • Day 2 – I’m a guy.
  • Day 3 – Let’s hang out.

She won’t accept your invite for now, but after finishing your midterm exams on 5/23, she’ll be available for talking, and you can start the Treasurer Social Link. Chihiro is always available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, except on days before tests

Always bring a Justice Arcana Persona such as Angel or Archangel when speaking to her so you can get extra points for each correct answer. When meeting her, if you see the “I feel like I might get closer to Chihiro soon…”, it means you’re about to rank up during the upcoming hangout.

Differently from other Persona 3 versions, dating Chihiro is now optional. You can still break her Social Link if you’re not careful, though! This guide focuses on the non-romance route. Some ranks might be different if you choose to date her.

Rank 2

QuestionBest answer
Sorry to drag you along while I go shopping…Don’t worry about it.
…Um, do you reach much, Protagonist-san?I read manga.
Is it boring for you to hang around with, um… someone like me?I’m having fun.
So… whenever I see a man now, all I can think of is that face…Any.

Rank 3

QuestionBest answer
…Do they not know where they are!?They have no shame.
We should notify the student council president right away, and discuss this at out next meeting!I agree.

Rank 4

QuestionBest answer
Why am I still shaking?I’m here for you.

Rank 5

QuestionBest answer
So, um… there was something I needed to ask you…Any
Is she in love right now!?Yeah, she’s in love. (Romance route)
You’re jumping to conclusions (Friends route)
Sorry for asking you about such a weird topic.Happy to help.

If you choose the Romance route, you get extra scenes:

QuestionBest answer
What should I do…?Hold her hand.

Whatever you do, don’t kiss her or you’ll break your Social Link.

Rank 6

QuestionBest answer
Wh-What should I do…?Is it good?
That is, until recently…What do you mean?

Rank 7

QuestionBest answer
Protagonist-san…It’s gotta be a misunderstanding.
I-I couldn’t stand up to them, but I… I didn’t take anything!We have to do something…

Rank 8

QuestionBest answer
See, how could it not be her!? And with such an innocent face, too…Any
I don’t really have anyone else I can count on…I know you’re innocent.

Rank 9

QuestionBest answer
……You need to tell her yourself.
Give me a hand, will you?Any
And I stood up to Mr. Takenozuka… An actual adult man!I saw the whole thing.

Rank 10

QuestionBest answer
I wonder if this is going to be enough flyers…Any
Oh, but, um… I’d appreciate it if you could still help me every now and then, just like today.Any

Finishing the Treasurer Social Link will allow you to fuse Melchizedek, the ultimate Justice Persona in the game. It is a late-game fusion, so don’t expect to do it as soon as you leave school. Unless this was one of your last Links to complete, of course. 

Chihiro has quite a nice story in her Link, despite some weird romance shenanigans here and there. And just because you can date many people at the same time, it doesn’t mean you should! But this is all up to you, so make your choices wisely.


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