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All Item Reworks in Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Update

Item changes and tweaks in the 2.9 update.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Item Reworks in Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Update

Dead Cells is a great example of a Metroidvania title with rogue-like mechanics that hasn’t stopped being popular over the years due to its mega-addictive gameplay. There’s everything from Souls-like mechanics repackaged in 2D format to retro action and, of course, the constant threat of permadeath and the inevitable reset. Since its original release in 2019, many patches have introduced various rebalances and new content. Here’s what the latest 2.9 update brought, items and weapons-wise.

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All Item Changes in Dead Cells Breaking Barriers 2.9 Update

See the list below for all weapon and item changes in the Dead Cells “Breaking Barriers” update:

  • Barnacle – Improved with a new crit condition on bleeding and poisoned targets (after 2.9.1 it no longer crits on bleeding targets)
  • Tentacle – Various bug fixes
  • Crowbar – New crit condition for stunned targets (changes reverted in 2.9.1 update)
  • Magnetic Grenade – Received a full rework, now it pulls enemies towards the explosion
  • Biters pets – More resilience to effects and attacks that don’t target them specifically
  • Corrupted Power – No more a flat bonus – now it is measured in percentages, but the functionality remains the same
  • Wings of the Crow – Various bug fixes
  • Decoy – Can now be manually detonated
  • Machete & Pistol – The third hit now bypasses any side shields (since 2.9.1 update)
  • HOTK – Now hits the player correctly while they are in the air (since 2.9.2 update)

Now you know all about the item changes and tweaks in Dead Cells Breaking Barriers 2.9 update and beyond, so you can get back into the game and enjoy this indie classic that keeps getting better over time.

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