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Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Assist Mode Explained

If you don't need 'em, don't worry about 'em

by Lucas White

Dead Cells recently got a surprising new update, called Breaking Barriers. It’s called that because this update is all about accessibility. Tons of options were added to the game in order to make it playable for a wider range of people. That includes options for colors, text size, button functions, and more. There’s also an Assist Mode that’s separate from the other new options. Here’s what it means.

How Does Assist Mode Work in Dead Cells?

Assist Mode opens up a set of options designed to make Dead Cells easier, in ways that can be tinkered to the player’s comfort levels. So instead of choosing a difficulty level, players who need a little help have four different options to experiment with. We’ve listed what each option is and does below:

Continue Mode

This makes the game start back at the beginning of whichever biome you’re in, instead of starting over. You can choose different “lives” options, giving you a few extra tries or making it infinite.

Auto-hit mode

Toggling this makes the player character hit enemies with their main weapon once they get close.

These options don’t have a “mode” label: Percentage adjustments for trap damage, enemy damage, and enemy health. There’s also a toggle for a wider parry window and trap speed.

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All these toggles are in Dead Cells’ options menu, so if you don’t need them to enjoy the game you don’t even have to look at them. Along with all the UI and input options added outside Assist Mode, Breaking Barriers is about, well, breaking barriers that might prevent gamers from playing a game they’re interested in otherwise.

You can check out the full list of Dead Cells Breaking Barriers patch notes on the official website, which also includes general balance tweaks.

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