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How to Beat the Watcher in Dead Cells, Get Spider Rune

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to fully explore all of the world in Dead Cells, then there are a few items that you will no doubt want to get your hands on. One of these items, the Spider Rune in Dead Cells, gives you the ability to climb up walls. Once you get the Spider Rune in Dead Cells, you’ll have even more access to the game world around you, as you explore the various levels in Dead Cells. In this article we’ll cover how to get the Spider Rune, and how to beat the Watcher in Dead Cells.

How to Get the Spider Rune

The Spider Rune is just one of many upgrade items that give your character new abilities to make use of. You can unlock the Spider Rune by beating the Elite monster that is located in the Slumbering Sanctuary. Of course, to do this you will need to pass through the Insufferable Crypt, where you will have to face off against a powerful mini-boss, The Watcher. This is a chore of its own, though, so we’ll provide some additional details on how you can take this mini-boss down below.

How to Beat the Watcher

If you want to defeat The Watcher, then you’re going to need to be prepared for one of the toughest battles that you’ll have walked into throughout your time in Dead Cells so far. This fight is tough, even if you’re an experienced Dead Cells player, and knowing some good ways to deal with this enemy is going to help you stay ahead of it, making it easier to take it on. With that in mind, don’t expect to defeat The Watcher on the first try. You might manage to pull it off, but this is the kind of fight that you won’t mind coming back to a couple of times as you get used to everything involved.

Before you head into the fight with The Watcher, there are a couple of things we’d suggest having on hand to help with the fight. First, try to get your hands on some Bear Traps. This item will allow you to catch The Watcher’s tentacles during the ground attack phase, making it easier to avoid their deadly attacks.

You will also want to bring along a shield—make sure to check out our guide on the differences between the bow and the shield to see why the shield offers so much for players trying to take on difficult enemies. This will be helpful during the air phase of the boss battle.

There are two phases that you will need to worry about with The Watcher. The first phase focuses on the ground, and the boss floats low, along the floor, using summoned tentacles to try to attack you. This is where the bear traps come into play, as they can catch the tentacles and stop them before they hit you, allowing you to deal some damage to the boss.

The second phase the boss will float high in the sky, raining down a ton of different arrows on you. This is where the shield comes into play. Hold it up and protect yourself from the arrows, otherwise you’ll find your health quickly witling away. Make sure you also check out how to heal in Dead Cells to make sure your fully ready for this battle.

These two phases will repeat for a total of three times throughout the battle and it is your job to stay alive and slowly deal damage to the boss as you can. We’d suggest holding out near a wall—or near the door that leads into the boss chamber—during the ground phase and place the bear trap down to catch the tentacles as they sweep across the floor towards you. You can then easily destroy the tentacles, giving you free reign to do what you need to do.

During the arrow phase, you’ll want to avoid the raining arrows and use the shield to combat their attacks. When you have a free moment, attack as you can, and you’ll slowly start to see the battle as it grows nearer to the end. The main goal here, though, is to stay alive, so do that at all costs and take your time during the battle. Once you defeat the Watcher, head into the new level and you’ll be able to acquire the Spider Rune by defeating the Elite monster found throughout the Slumbering Sanctuary.

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