All Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops Streamers – Full List

Watch any of these Streamers to earn some free items in Hunt: Showdown.

With video games bursting at the brim with paid content, it’s always a treat when you can get a few items for free. If you’ve got yourself a Twitch channel to watch your favorite streamers jump into games like Hunt: Showdown, you can also claim some free digital goodies by watching their streams for a set amount of time. But, how do you link your account so you can get your hands on these special items, and who do you need to watch to get them for your own?

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All Twitch Drop Streamers Playing Hunt: Showdown – Listed

If you’re hoping to jump into the world of Twitch to catch some enthralling Hunt: Showdown gameplay and score some free items, you’ll first need to link your Twitch account to claim them. Just click on the link to start this process; it’s rather painless. Once you have done this, you’ll want to jump into one of the streams from the following creators to earn a special item:

Do note, however, you can only link one account, so choose carefully between Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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How Long Do I Need To Watch Until I Can Claim Items For Hunt: Showdown?

Each streamer will vary, but it seems the average length of time that viewers will need to watch is around 20 minutes or so. You can always check your progress by entering the chat and putting in a specific prompt, so you’ll quickly find out how much time you need to invest in a stream before you can finally claim your free items.

No matter if you’ve been around since the Serpent Moon Event or you’ve just started your journey into the world of Hunt: Showdown, be sure to check out our section below to learn even more about your new favorite game.

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