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All Hidden Chests Currently Available in Destiny 2’s Operation: Seraph’s Shield

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by Daphne Fama

Operation: Seraph Shield is the latest Exotic Quest from Destiny 2, and how players can obtain the Exotic Weapon Revision Zero. There are four Hidden Chests here, which draw from the Seasonal Loot Table instead of a unique one. However, only one is currently available.

Like many things in the first week of Operation: Seraph Shield’s release, the rest of the hidden chests are behind time-locked upgrades. We’ll simply have to wait until next week’s reset to gain access to the Security Clearance and Suit needed to access them.

All Hidden Chests Currently Available in Destiny 2’s Operation: Seraph’s Shield

Hidden Chest 1

To access the first Hidden Chest in Operation: Seraph Shield, you’ll need to shoot four scanner drones in order. If you do this correctly, you’ll obtain a message that states:

Drones: Disabled // Security Door: Opened (Warsat Command Nexus)

There are three possible locations for drones to spawn. These spawn points are random and will change each time you access the mission.

Location 1 – Entering Seraph Station (in Space)

Once you have the Scanner Augment, head up to the space station using the launch pod. There’s a chance you’ll see four drones here that will immediately scan you. Shoot the one with the yellow Scanner grid on it. The yellow grid will then transfer to another scanner drone. Shoot the new drone, etc., until all drones are dead.

Location 2 – Geosynchronous Orbit

This is the vent shaft area where you encounter a Servitor. If your drones did not appear in the entry room, check this area by looking down when you first enter it. It’s helpful to jump up on the platform on the left side of the vent, as it will give you a better vantage point.

Location 3 – Server Room

The possible third place they can be is just past the yellow room with all the Fallen. You won’t have a Scanner Augment when you first enter this room. That’s okay. Shoot the five Turrets in this room (being careful not to kill the scanner drones), then head into the next room. Here, you’ll find a Vandal with a Scanner Augment. Kill it, then bring the Scanner Augment back into this room.

With this room, you’ll find Drones on every possible level, so search carefully.

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Once you’ve destroyed all four drones, continue as normal until you defeat Operation: Seraph Shield’s final boss. Once that’s done, upload the virus in the adjacent room. A large chest will spawn, but a door in this room will also open. It’s a small, closet-sized room that should be on the right side from where you entered. Interact with it to gain your item and the first step in the Triumph “Multi-Toolin’ Around.”

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