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All Secret Chest Locations in Destiny 2’s Spire of the Watcher

If you're going to endure platforming you might as well get an extra chest out of it

by Daphne Fama

It’s a long-standing tradition for Destiny 2’s raids and dungeons to have secret chests and other collectibles scattered throughout the levels. These chests are not farmable, meaning that you can only loot them once per week per character, but they offer a chance to gain more loot from the dungeon’s loot table, which you can check out using this related link.

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All Secret Chest Locations in Destiny 2’s Spire of the Watcher

If you’re grinding through the Spire of The Watcher, here are the two secret chests you can find along the way.

Chest 1

Once you’ve completed the first encounter on the surface of Mars, you’ll enter through the hatch and down the long slide. You’ll then begin the first platforming section. When your next jump is the thin, rectangular platform against a pillar, jump towards it. Land. Continue upward as you normally would. But instead of heading towards the walkway where you can continue up the spire, go around the pillar instead.

There will be a second walkway. If you die, don’t worry, the checkpoint here is forgiving, albeit long. You’ll land on a walkway with a set of televisions stacked on top of each other. If you’d like to pick up a Devilish Recording, here’s one.

Continue across the platform until you hit the pillar. Again, you’ll have to leap around it, but this time there will be no light. Leap, and you’ll see there’s a platform with a chest on the side of the pillar. It’s likely further than you think.

This will be your first chest.

Chest 2

Once you’ve completed the second encounter, you’ll descend through the Spire. Eventually, you’ll hit a room with a Hydra. This is where we want to be, and where the second chest is located. Clear out the enemies, then go to the stairs near the electrocuted box. Beneath the stairs will be a metal grating. Shoot out the vent and descend. The chest will be at the end of the vent.

Just beneath these stairs.

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