All Hats and How to Get Them in Palworld

Show off your fun side with a cute little hat.

Palworld screenshot of a player character wearing the long-eared headband and another player character wearing the gumoss cap
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Hats have two main purposes in Palworld: to strengthen your defensive stats and look stylish, cute, or any other adjective you’re aiming for. Here’s how to find every hat and helm in the game.

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All Hat Locations in Palworld

Below is a list of every hat, cap, and other miscellaneous headwear available in Palworld:

Long-eared Headband (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GCloth (12)
Ingot (2)
Witch Hat (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GCloth (10)
Ingot (3)
Farming Hat (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GFiber (30)
Wood (10)
Bowler Hat (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GCloth (15)
Tocotoco Cap (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GTocotoco Feather (5)
Gumoss Cap (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GGumoss Leaf (5)
Penking Cap (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Small Settlement)
500 GPenking Plume (5)
Monarch’s Crown (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Fisherman’s Point)
500 GIngot (20)
Cloth (3)
Golden Crown (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Fisherman’s Point)
500 GIngot (25)
Helmet (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Fisherman’s Point)
500 GIngot (20)
Wool (5)
Graduation Cap (Schematic)Wandering Merchant
(Fisherman’s Point)
500 GCloth (20)
Fiber (10)

Once you buy the schematics, you can craft each hat on your workbench using the resources listed. After completing the crafting process, you’ll equip your hat and receive its respective buffs.

You can also find an assortment of schematics and other resources in treasure chests. While I’ve yet to find any hats in chests, I’ll continue to update this list as I discover more.

How to Unlock Every Helm in Palworld

Alongside hats, you can also craft helmets for greater defensive buffs. Below is a list of every helm you can unlock in Palworld:

HelmHow to UnlockRecipe
Metal HelmTechnology
(Level 23)
Ingot (20)
Paldium Fragment (10)
Refined Metal HelmTechnology
(Level 37)
Refined Ingot (20)
Paldium Fragment (15)
Pal Metal HelmTechnology
(Level 46)
Pal Metal Ingot (20)
Paldium Fragment (20)

Each helmet gets progressively more challenging to create as its materials get more advanced. However, with this comes enhanced defensive stats to help you take less damage against Pals, humanoid enemies, and bosses.

All Hat Effects in Palworld

Small Village Hats:

All give +20 Defense and +60 HP *except the farming hat, which only gives +10 Defense and +30 HP.

Farming HatHeat Resistant Lv. 1
Long Eared HeadbandGrass Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Witch HatDark Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Tocotoco CapNeutral Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Gumoss CapGrass Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Bowler HatNeutral Damage Reduction Lv. 1

Desert Trader Hats:

All give +25 Defense and +70 HP.

TricorneWater Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Grinning Tocotoco CapNeutral Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Silky HatFire Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Explorer CapHeat Resistant Lv. 1
Katress CapDark Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Soft HatEarth Damage Reduction Lv. 1

Fishing Village Hats:

All give +30 Defense and +80HP.

Golden CrownIce Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Monarch’s CrownDragon Damage Reduction Lv. 1
HelmetElectric Damage Reduction Lv. 1
Graduation CapSpeedy Worker Lv. 1 (+10% Work Speed)

It is worth noting that most of the hats in the game serve no practical purpose beyond cosmetic appeal, min-maxing enthusiasts, or players in the early stages of the game.

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