How to Get a Long-Eared Headband in Palworld

What an adorable little hat.
Palworld long-eared headband
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What better way to show your fashion sense than to wear adorable rabbit ears? Let’s talk about how to get a long-eared headband in Palworld.

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Where to Find Long-Eared Headband in Palworld

The easiest way to get a long-eared headband is to purchase the schematic from the Small Settlement Wandering Merchant for 500 gold coins before crafting it at your base’s workbench using cloth and ingots. You need 12 pieces of cloth and two ingots to craft the item, which you can obtain early on by collecting ore and wool from Pals like Lamballs.

Alternatively, you can occasionally find schematics from treasure chests around the world. However, I have yet to spot a long-eared headband schematic while opening chests and have instead obtained various weapon and armor upgrade ones. Nonetheless, you can find plenty of recipes in chests that can be useful later, so keeping some copper and silver keys on hand for when you need them is helpful.

How to Buy Schematics in Palworld

If you want to guarantee that you get the long-eared headband during your playthrough, traveling to the Small Settlement and visiting the Wandering Merchant is the way to go. The Wandering Merchant sells the long-eared headband schematic, among others, for 500 coins, alongside other helpful resources like Pal Spheres and cooking ingredients.

Palworld long-eared headband schematic
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You’ll find the Small Settlement at coordinates (71, -486), which you can reach by traveling northwest out of the Plateau of Beginnings and through Grassy Behemoth Hills. Once you reach Rayne Syndicate Tower, go southwest until you find a stone bridge and, after a slight trek west, the Small Settlement.

From here, the Wandering Merchant lives in one of the settlement homes. You’ll find his list of wares, including the long-eared headband schematic upon speaking to him. Purchase it for 500 coins before returning to a workbench to find the recipe.

How to Craft Long-Eared Headband in Palworld

After buying the schematic and going to a workbench, you’ll find the long-eared headband recipe requiring the following items:

  • Cloth (12)
  • Ingot (2)
Palworld long-eared headband recipe
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Both are early-game resources you can find quickly. Cloth requires unlocking its technology node at level three, while ingots require a primitive furnace unlocked at level 10. From here, you’ll need wool for cloth, which you get from Pals like Lamball and Cremis, and ore to smelt into ingots, which you mine from brown rocks scattered around Palworld.

Once you have some cloth and ingots, return to your workbench to find the crafting recipe in your list. If it isn’t there, make sure the schematic stays in your inventory, as you must have it on your character to activate it. From here, you can make the long-eared headband and wear it around Palworld.

To learn more about the game, check out how to build an automated ore farm base in Palworld, or click the tag below to browse our growing content collection.

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