How to Find Rayne Syndicate’s Tower in Palworld

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Palworld Rayne Syndicate's Tower
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As you progress farther into your Palworld playthrough, you’ll eventually encounter an objective to defeat a boss in Rayne Syndicate’s Tower. Let’s talk about where to find this location and what to expect when approaching it.

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Where to Find Rayne Syndicate’s Tower in Palworld

Rayne Syndicate’s Tower is located northwest of your starting location, past Grassy Behemoth Hills, at coordinates (110, -431).

To reach the tower, you’ll have to travel along the path leading out of the Plateau of Beginnings, running past the Mammorest field boss until you find the massive tower on the cliffside. You can easily access it by taking the nearby ramp or climbing the stone walls until you reach the platform.

You can first spot this tower seconds after spawning into the world, as its size makes it stand out compared to the rest of the world.

Once you arrive at the tower, you’ll find a Great Eagle fast travel tower you can activate to return here at any point during your playthrough. That way, if the tower boss defeats you, you can teleport here later and try again without running on foot.

What is Rayne Syndicate’s Tower in Palworld?

The Tower of the Rayne Syndicate is home to Palworld’s first major boss. By entering the tower, you have ten minutes to defeat the boss. You can attempt this fight with up to three other players if you play in a multiplayer world.

Just make sure you have powerful gear and Pals as you enter, as the boss is a high-level Electric-type Pal with over 30,000 health and a mix of ranged and melee attacks.

If you’re defeated during this battle, your items and equipment will drop outside the tower, allowing you to fast-travel there and pick up your gear before trying again or returning to your base and improving your setup.

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