All Fyxestroll Garden Treasure Chests Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

The hidden treasures of your local spooky zone

Star Rail Fyxestroll Garden Chests Featured

Honkai: Star Rail introduced a new scary zone during the 1.5 version with the Fyxestroll Garden, a perilous zone filled with the mysterious Heliobi. But don’t let a few apparitions stop you from your true calling of finding hidden treasures across the map, as there are plenty to be encountered.

All Fyxestroll Garden Treasure Chests Locations

There’s a total of 17 Treasure Chests in Fyxestroll Garden, with 15 of them being regular map chests and two of those being extras that aren’t counted toward the total amount, but are valuable nonetheless. Make sure you completed the “Soujourners’ Ghastly Reverie” Trailblaze Continuance Quest (Huohuo’s quest) before looking out for them as some areas will be inaccessible until you do so.

1 – Next to the first enemies you’ll see on the map. It should be hard to miss.

2 – Continue your path; you’ll be gifted with this chest and a good view.

3 – Next to where you’ll find the Warp Trotter later by the rocky walls.

4 – Climb down the stairs and turn left. Be careful with the enemies.

5 – Behind the mirror that trapped you during the Trailblaze Mission.

6 – Directly in front of the Space Anchor, just teleport to it and turn your camera to the right.

7 – Next to the Ghost Actor, who’s singing a Chinese song.

8 – Right next to the QR code announcement, you can scam with your camera.

9 – Next to a rustic stone elevator, directly in front of where you came from.

10 – Use the elevator and keep walking all the way until the end to find it.

11 – Right by the gate’s side. It’s hard to miss coming from where you did.

12 – Found at the end of the small “corridor”.

13 – Warp Trotter. Approach it slowly so you don’t startle it, then jump in for the kill.

Chests 14 and 15 are inside the mirror you previously visited during the quest. Return to where you found Chest 5 and interact with the mirror to return to that dimension. Pick the left mirror (the one next to the talking Heliobi) to find Chest 14.

Now pick the middle mirror (the one next to the chest) and immediately turn your camera to your back in the new area. You can walk through the air just like during the story missions, so go grab Chest 15.

There are two more chests being guarded by elite enemies. The first one is right after Chest 1, so engage them as soon as you’re ready.

Once you’re done with those, keep walking the road until you’re met with the next Elite enemy in the area. This one’s a bit tougher than the last one, but nothing too special.

Congratulations, one more area is done! Somewhat tricky here with the mirror chests, which aren’t marked on the map, but overall quite easy to complete. Those chests are a great source for extra Jades if you’re rolling for the new characters, so don’t sleep on them by any means.

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