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All Forspoken Pre-Order Bonuses

Pick what's best for you.

by Jesse Vitelli

Forspoken, the next game from Luminous Productions, is right around the corner. For those of you looking forward to it and planning on pre-ordering, you’ll want to know the best place to pre-order. If you don’t have an allegiance to a specific retailer, check out all of the Forspoken pre-order bonuses you can receive from different places.

All Forspoken Pre-Order Bonuses

First up, we have the PlayStation Store (digital.) If you don’t care about a physical copy of the game, you can pre-order on the PlayStation Store to receive the following items in-game.

  • No Limits Cloak
  • Symbol Combo Necklace
  • Trigger Happy Nails
  • Crafting Starter Kit

These in-game items will help give you a head start in the dangerous world of Athia.

Best Buy – Steelbook

If you pre-order a physical copy of the game from any Best Buy retailer, you’ll receive a free Steelbook for the game. All you have to do is pre-order the game before its release date, and the steelbook pictured above is yours.

GameStop – Premium Character Card Set

If you pick up the game from GameStop, you’ll receive a premium character card set with stands to display Frey, Cuff, and Tanta Sila. These make great desk ornaments or background pieces for your setup. All you need to do is pre-order the game from Gamestop to receive these.

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If you are going to play Forspoken on PC, you really only have the option to pre-purchase it on Steam. This will give you the following in-game rewards.

  • Elite Cloak
  • Spectra Combo Necklace
  • Overclock Nails

These items will give you some style and grace when exploring the world of Athia.

Those are all of the pre-order bonuses for Forspoken that are currently available. If you’re planning on pre-ordering the game, just pick which one has the most exciting bonus for you. We have plenty of other information on Forspoken for you to check out while you’re here. Look at our interview with Luminous Productions and the inspirations for Forspoken.

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