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Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branches Featured

The newest set of hidden items in Genshin Impact 4.2 are the Foggy Forest Branches, items found as rewards for different challenges and puzzles across the Erinnyes Forest in Fontaine. The Traveler makes a certain Melusine quite happy once they find them all, so here are the locations for these.

Where to Find All Foggy Forest Branches in Genshin Impact

There are six Foggy Forest Branches to be found around the map. There’s no prerequisite to obtaining any of them, but delivering them to Pahsiv requires full completion of the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes quest line. You can pursue the branches once you’re done with it, or just grab’em all beforehand and deliver them to Pahsiv in one go.

1 – Pool at Foggy Forest Path

Teleport to the cliff in Foggy Forest Path and walk to the small pool nearby it. Hit the oyster, and you’ll find an Ousia orb. Use it (or any Ousia-aligned character) to trigger the device inside the pool and reveal the chest containing the first branch.

2 – Broken Ship at Foggy Forest Path

Walk your way to the broken ship next to a near-coast Waypoint. The Branch is locked behind the vault, which must be opened with the three hidden Simple Vault Keys found around the area. The first one is found on the locked chest on top of the ship. Beat all enemies to unlock it.

The second key is found at the very top of the ship, behind that first chest you just opened. Investigate the bird eggs on the ship’s tip, and you’ll obtain the key as a result.

As for the final key, climb down the ship and walk directly to the small lake to your left to find some more interactable items. The key can be found by investigating here.

With all keys in hands, return to the Vault and use all three keys to open it and find the chest containing another branch.

3 – Upper Pool at Foggy Forest Path

Climb up from where you just got the previous branch, and you’ll find a lake with a circle in it. Turn your back to it, and you’ll find an Energy Orb next to a small blue orb.

Grab the blue orb to use the Octopus skill and use it to throw the big Energy Orb at the center of the lake. You can dive into the lake. Jump down the waters and Enter the next area, then swim upwards to find two chests. One of them is holding the branch you’re looking for.

4 – East of the Weeping Willow of the Lake

Head to the small lake east of the lake, and you’ll find a corrupted lake. Grab the orb and use its powers to cleanse the waters.

Now jump down on the now-clean lake, and you’ll find the chest with a new branch.

5 – West of the Weeping Willow of the Lake

You’ll find many Hydro devices and a blue lamp, with a different machine ready for installing Hydrograna at the top of a small cliff. To make this easier, use a Hydro character to activate the machine directly, then hit the blue lamp to make the Hydro devices move. Once activated, the chest with the branch spawns next to them.

6 – Northwest of the Weeping Willow of the Lake

The final branch can be obtained by completing a Time Challenge found at the top of a stone next to a Hydroculus. Complete it and return to the surface to get the final chest with the branch.

Rewards for Collecting All Foggy Forest Branches

After grabbing all of them, return to Loch Urania and visit Pahsiv in her cave. Giving her all of your branches gives you an extra treasure chest for your collection. If you also buy all of her stock with Tidalgas, she’ll say she has to look for more stuff to give you, and will disappear.

You unlock the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow achievement for your hard work, and you probably also got a few more local specialties along the way!

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