All Farm Upgrades in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Listed

Splash your cash on these useful upgrades.

When you, an enthusiastic young farmer, begin your time on the farm, you will soon realize that there is a lot that can be improved around the property. Takakura has really been letting the side down. Fortunately, there are numerous upgrades that you can buy that both improve your farm and make farming life more efficient. Here is a list of all farm upgrades in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

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Purchasable Farm Upgrades in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Even if some of the upgrades seem a little expensive at the start of the game; buying them will help you to make money more efficiently and so they are worth the investment.

Pond10,000GA pond that is added to your pasture and allows you to obtain ducks.From the beginning.
Processing Room150,000GA building that you can use to create butter and cheese from milk.From the beginning.
Fertilizer Maker45,000GA machine that will produce five fertilizers for each object that you put in it.From the beginning.
Barn Upgrade120,000GA larger barn that can hold a total of 16 cows, sheep, goats, and your horse.From the beginning.
Coop Upgrade100,000GA larger coop that can hold a total of 16 chickens and ducks.From the beginning.
Fertilizer Spreader 160,000GFertilizes the poor quality field twice a day.From the beginning.
Fertilizer Spreader 260,000GFertilizes the good quality field twice a day.From the beginning.
Seed Maker30,000GFor each crop that you place in the machine, two seeds will be created.Purchasable from year two.
Amazing Field60,000GA new larger field with high quality soil.Talk to Takakura after making your first hybrid crop in year two.
Fertilizer Spreader 360,000GFertilizes the Amazing Field twice a day.Available when the Amazing Field is added to your farm.

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Like most items that you buy in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you will purchase the farm upgrades from Takakura’s ledger next to the shipping bin. Once purchased, Takakura will have your new farm upgrade installed and ready to go shortly after it has been ordered. Surprised the man can build a barn upgrade, honestly.

Once you have upgraded your farm with all of the above, it more or less runs itself. Pretty nifty, huh? However, it can be hard to get money at the start of the game. So, make sure whenever you have items worth selling that Van is giving you a good deal.

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