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All Exotic Weapon Buffs in Destiny 2 Season 21

Business is good.

by David Morgan

Destiny 2’s 21st season launches next Tuesday, May 23. With it comes a huge slew of balancing to both classes and weapons alike, but I’d like to focus for now on which Exotic weapons are being notably buffed. Let’s take a look and find out which Exotic Weapons to dig out of our vault.

Buffed Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

Before we begin, the following list is an abridged summary of the official patch notes which can be found here. Let’s begin.

Image via Bungie
  • Eyes of Tomorrow: Killing 4 targets with a missile volley will refund one ammo
  • Graviton Lance: Tuned to be more like Revision Zero (higher rate of fire, reduced burst delay) with damage per shot adjustments to compensate
  • Jade Rabbit Hitting 3 critical shots refunds 3 ammo instead of 1
  • The Manticore: The catalyst now gives increased damage resistance, the movement speed in the air is increased, and activating the catalyst now refills part of the magazine
  • Lumina: now holds 6 Noble Rounds
  • Heartshadow: Damage increase activates quicker when invisible, and it now weakens targets when affected by this damage increase
  • Worldline Zero: Sprinting heavy attack can now chained once, does more damage, and consumes only 50% of sword guard energy (was 100%)
  • Sweet Business: The real winner of the buffs, now fires explosive rounds every 20 shots (even more frequently when fully spun up)
  • Legend of Acrius: Ammo capacity raised to 16 (was 12), and max projectile distance increased
  • Tommy’s Matchbook: Now scorches targets when overheated
  • No Time To Explain: Drone shots now work with anti-barrier and Feeding Frenzy
  • Skyburner’s Oath: Deals increased scorch stacks
  • Salvation’s Grip: Now has two firing modes, with charged shots creating a pattern of Stasis crystals, with the normal shot acting as a grenade that does more damage to Stasis crystals and frozen enemies
  • Bad Juju: Reduced recoil

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That’s all the buffs! There were a couple nerfs, mind you, those being to Fighting Lion, Thunderlord, and Winterbite, but those were all a bit too strong as a result of bugs. I hope one of your favorite Exotics made the list! See you in Season of the Deep.