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All Eren Jaeger Quests in Fortnite Listed

Make the Scout Regiment proud.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Eren Jaeger Fortnite

One of the largest crossovers promoted for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 was Attack on Titan, and now the skins are finally available in the game. Eren Jaeger is the only one that is tied to the Battle Pass, which players will have to complete quests for in order to get the skin.

All of the major crossover skins that have been featured in recent Battle Passes have been locked behind a unique set of challenges that also lead to the rest of the cosmetic set. To help you earn the Attack on Titan skin, we have all of the Fortnite Eren Jaeger quests listed in our guide.

Fortnite X Attack on Titan – All Eren Jaeger Quests

Unlike the Week 5 quests which are usually limited to five tasks, there are eight different challenges tied to Eren. Each one of them will feature a different part of the set, so make sure to get these all done before the end of the season if you want them all. Below you can find all the challenges.

Eren Jaeger Quests:

  • Swing from three different trees in a row while using ODM Gear (0/1) – A World Without Walls Loading Screen
  • Visit Guard Towers (0/5) – Scout Regiment Salute emote
  • Damage opponents while airborne – (0/300) – Scout Regiment Banner Icon
  • Destroy structures with a Thunder Spear (0/50) – Regiment Gear Weapon Wrap
  • Find the Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square (0/1) – Basement Key Back Bling
  • Hit opponents with ODM Gear attacks or a Thunder Spear (0/7) – Determined Eren Emoticon
  • Hit the nape of different Titan Targets with ODM Gear attacks (0/4) – Titan Strike Pickaxe
  • Search Scout Regiment Footlockers – Eren’s Faceoff Spray
  • Complete Eren Jaeger Quests (0/8) – Eren Jaeger Skin

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Mikasa and Levi were also added as outfits in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. Players will need to spend money to unlock those skins though. So if you plan on sticking to the Battle Pass for the cosmetics you want, then the new Eren Jaeger Quests are your best bet.

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