All Elder Scrolls Online Sharp-As-Night Rapport Sources Listed

A thief with honor.

Sharp-as-Night Rapport ESO
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Sharp-as-Night is one of the two new Companions added to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Necrom Chapter, and like all the others, you will need to increase your Rapport with the Argonian through various means. In this guide, I will outline all of the Rapport sources for the latest Companion, along with what can negate those gains in Elder Scrolls Online.

How to Increase Rapport with Sharp-as-Night in ESO

Sharp-as-Night gains Rapport from sources by visiting his favorite locations and completing Ashlander Hunt Daily Quests. For every action that the Argonian Warden appreciates, though, there are actions that can lower Rapport. All of the sources in the Elder Scrolls Online can be found listed below.

Positive Rapport Sources for Sharp-as-Night ESO:

  • Ashlander Hunt Daily Quest – 125
  • Visit Vvardenfell – 5
  • Search a Heavy Sack – 5
  • Visit the city of Leyawiin in Blackwood – 4
  • Visit Shadowfen – 4
  • Visit Hew’s Bane – 4
  • Repair your gear – 1
  • Go fishing – 1
  • Catch a trophy fish – 1
  • Harvest Alchemy materials – 1

Negative Rapport Sources for Sharp-as-Night ESO:

  • Pay a guard to get rid of your bounty – 10
  • Pickpocket a Beggar – 5
  • Destroy an item – 5
  • Use the Outfit Station – 1
  • Gear pieces break – 1
  • Enchantment ran out – 1

As you complete most of these, there are cooldowns before you get more Rapport with Sharp-as-Night. That means you can’t just keep going back and forth between Hew’s Bane or Shadowfen. I like to take on the Ashlander Daily Quests to make the most of my time, and then I go from there.

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If you really wanted to, you could continue trying to catch a trophy fish as a way of earning Rapport that doesn’t have a cooldown. That’s tedious though, and not a great return on investment. Just take your time with the Argonian Companion in Necrom and you’ll soon have what you need.

To match the power of Sharp-as-Night in the Elder Scrolls Online, make sure your Arcanist class has the best race possible.

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