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All DLC in the Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion – Listed

Everything you need to know about the Resident Evil Village downloadable content

by Grant Testa

Resident Evil Village is back with the Winters’ Expansion, the highly anticipated DLC that provides a trove of new content and builds upon the existing Ethan Winters’ story. This guide will provide a rundown of the Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion, including all of its features and the price without revealing any spoilers for Resident Evil Village or any of the game’s downloadable content.

Third-Person View Mode

The Winters’ Expansion introduces third-person mode, which gives gamers a choice of which perspective they would like to experience the survival horror meets fantasy nightmare of Resident Evil Village. While the game could only be previously enjoyed from a first-person viewpoint, the introduction of the third-person mode may expand the player base, as those who prefer the third-person gameplay to the recent Resident Evil 2 and RE3 remakes can now experience Village from the same view mode by purchasing the Winters’ Expansion. For information on how to access third-person mode in Resident Evil Village, follow the related link below.

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Shadows of Rose

Shadows of Rose is a story that takes place after the campaign of Resident Evil Village and follows Ethan Winters’ daughter, Rose. Without giving away any spoilers, the gameplay is presented in a third-person perspective and introduces a host of new gameplay features that make Rose a much different, more powerful protagonist than her father, and gives players a chance to reexplore some of the familiar locations from the main game. For information on how to access Shadows of Rose in Resident Evil Village, follow the related link below.

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The Mercenaries: Additional Orders

The Mercenaries mode is better than ever thanks to the Winters’ Expansion, as the downloadable content introduces “Additional Orders” featuring new playable characters and two new locations for Resident Evil’s iconic challenge mode. The two additional maps are The Bloody Village, which can be accessed by obtaining at least a “B” rank in the previous The Mercenaries maps, and The Bloody River, which can be accessed by earning a “B” rank in The Bloody Village location. Both stages are available on normal and hard difficulty settings.

Also, there are three new playable characters in The Mercenaries, including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and the fan favorite Alcina Dimitrescu. While Chris Redfield is immediately playable, Karl Heisenberg and Alcina Dimitrescu require Resident Evil gamers to achieve certain ranks in The Mercenaries mode to unlock. For more information on The Mercenaries Additional Orders, follow the related link below.

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The Winters’ Expansion has a price tag of $19.99 at launch for players who already own the base game of Resident Evil Village. However, for gamers who haven’t yet gotten around to exploring Resident Evil Village, the “Gold Edition” may be a better alternative, as the Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition includes the base game and the Winters’ Expansion for $49.99 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This means that new players receive an approximate $10 discount for the Winters’ Expansion, as the Resident Evil Village base game is $39.99.

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