How to Start The Mercenaries Additional Orders in Resident Evil Village

Where can you find the Additional Orders DLC in Resident Evil Village?

When Resident Evil Village launched in May 2021, Capcom brought back the popular, fan-favorite “The Mercenaries” mode, a collection of time trial levels that served as excellent bonus content to the main experiences of the Resident Evil franchise. With the launch of the new Winters’ Expansion, the already excellent iteration of the game mode in Resident Evil Village has been further improved upon with the “Additional Orders” DLC, which introduced new playable characters and two new stages to The Mercenaries. Whether you are new to Resident Evil Village or are returning after a long hiatus, this guide will demonstrate how to access The Mercenaries: Additional Orders, and how to start the two new stages that the Winters’ Expansion introduced.

How to Access The Mercenaries Additional Orders in Resident Evil Village

In order to gain access to The Mercenaries: Additional Orders in Resident Evil Village, you are first required to buy the Winters’ Expansion or Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition. Once you obtain ownership of the DLC bundle, then the Additional Orders can be accessed through the main menu via the “Bonuses” section. Then, you can enter The Mercenaries Mode by selecting “The Mercenaries Additional Orders” in the Extra Games tab. Once you enter Mercenaries Mode, you can play the two new stages, “The Bloody Village” and “The Bloody River” if you have met the necessary conditions.

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How to Access “The Bloody Village” Stage in The Mercenaries Additional Orders

In order to play “The Bloody Village” Stage in Resident Evil Village’s The Mercenaries mode, you must first achieve an “A” Rank or above in the four base game stages, The Village, The Castle, The Factory, and The Mad Village. Once you have achieved an “A” Rank in each of those stages, The Bloody Village will be available to visit.

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How to Start “The Bloody River” Stage in The Mercenaries Additional Orders

In order to experience “The Bloody River” stage of The Mercenaries Additional Orders, you must first achieve an “A” Rank or higher in The Bloody Village. Once you have completed this requirement, you will be able to dip your toe into The Bloody River, one of The Mercenaries’ toughest stages.

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