All Desert Ridge Chest Locations in Jedi Survivor Listed

Every Chest Location in Desert Ridge.

As you travel around the different regions in Star Wars Jedi Survivors, you will come across many collectibles on your adventure. Among those collectibles are Chests, which will give you some goodies when you open them. Chests are located in every region of the game, including Desert Ridge, which we will be covering the locations of in this guide.

Where to Find All Chests Locations in Desert Ridge?

There are a total of four Chests that you can get in the Desert Ridge region. These are scattered around the region, but you can get to them easily by starting from the Desert Ridge Meditation Point on the right side of the map.

Chest #1

Starting from the Desert Ridge Meditation Point, you will find the chest right in front of you. It will contain Kaminoan Legs.

Chest #2

Again, from the meditation point, go from the gap between the wall and make your way to the left side. Then, take the path on your right and keep going straight. When you come to an open area, you will find the chest on the edge of a cliff. You will get the Serenity Switch from the chest.

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Chest #3

Start from the meditation point and go through the gap in the wall. This time, make your way towards the right and then turn left towards the Path of Conviction.

You will see a grapple balloon on the side of the cliff, for which you need an Upgraded Ascension Cable to grapple. Use the grapple balloon and make your way towards the top of the rock. Once you reach the top, turn to your right and mount the flying creature.

Glide your way toward the rocks on the right, and you will spot a chest there. It will contain the Temperance Emitter.

Chest #4

For the last chest, head to the path between Desert Ridge and Sheltered Hollow, where you enter Cere’s Base for the first time. At the entrance of the base, there is a small cliff on the left wall that you can wall-run to. Get there and then look back to find another cliff, where you will see the chest. Jump on the cliff and loot the chest to get the Revisit Waters Music Track.

These are the locations of all four chests that you will find in Desert Ridge. Want to know how to open Red Chests in Star Wars Jedi Survivors? Check out our How to open Red Chests in Jedi Survivor guide.

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