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All Deluxe Edition Suits in Dead Space Remake

Doesn't hurt to look stylish in the middle of the breakdown of society.

by Shawn Robinson

There’s nothing more iconic about Dead Space than Isaac Clarke’s signature engineering rig, equipped with its health meter drilled right into the back of it. You stare at it for the entirety of each game, so it’s hard to not have it burned into your brain at this point. Having his other suits are great too, and the deluxe edition gives you a few snazzy ones. Here are all deluxe edition suits in Dead Space Remake.

Every Deluxe Edition Suit You Get in Dead Space Remake

Image via EA.

In total, the deluxe edition will give you three completely unique suits, along with two suit textures (all of which are pictured above). The suits are as followed:

  • Infested Suit
    • Have you ever wondered what happens after an Infector kills you and does its whole infection of Isaac? Well wonder no longer. This suit sports all sorts of gross tendrils spouting out of every corner of the suit, with the face becoming a distorted mass of flesh. A little gross, but an awesome-looking suit nonetheless.
  • Lone Survivor Suit
    • When you’ve survived against the hordes for so long, having a way of sporting your most prized kills can be a good way of warding off predators. Isaac clearly has the same idea, with hands positioned as antlers on his helmet and fingers across various pieces of his armor.
  • Venture Suit
    • Are you a more practical person, thinking heavy armor would make more sense in the middle of a necromorph apocalypse? Then the Venture suit will probably be your new favorite. Not only looking sleek but sporting much heavier armor than the engineering suit, this new suit should be ideal for those who want to look as if they’re geared up to slaughter hundreds of creatures.

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On top of this, there are the Suit Textures that act as different suits, but merely change the texture of Isaac’s basic suit. These are the Bloody texture, which naturally covers the entire suit in blood, and the Sanctified texture, which sprawls unitology writing on various bits to support your favorite necromorph-obsessed religion. If you’re an EA Play Pro subscriber, you’ll also get access to the Anodized texture, which sports a clean cobalt look that’s simple yet effective.

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