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All CS:GO Mirage Callouts Map Guide

Very complicated map for rotations, but you'll get a hang of it.

by Nikola L

Mirage, or by old school nomenclature de_mirage is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s survived a lot of makeovers since Counter-Strike 1.6 days, which changed a few callout names on the map. It is important to know all the callouts on a CS:GO map, especially if you play Competitive Matchmaking regularly, because of the communication efficiency. It’s easier to use an accepted terminology and immediately have your teammates know what you are talking about when you are relaying positional information about enemy players, c4 bomb, etc.

Full CS:GO Mirage Callouts Map Guide

TotalCSGO has made a comprehensive map with all callouts embedded, so we are embedding that right here for you:

Image via Valve / TotalCSGO

When you are Rushing B, there are two possible attack vectors. One is through TV, House, Back Alley, Kitchen, and B Apartments, or through Side Alley, Top Mid, Catwalk, and B Short. Both of these plays are highly risky for their own reasons.
In most cases, you would need a lot of utility, such as Smokes, in order for this to go through.

For regular attacks, the situation is not much different, except maybe a crazy attempt to get to B through Connector -> Jungle, but CTs won’t have that route unguarded (unless you are sure that you killed the CT guarding the spot and that others are rotating from A to B through CT Spawn. That might be a trick attack by one player, while the others are pushing B already, and forcing CTs to do a retake.

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When you are attacking A, there are many more solutions for the assault, from less complex, to very convoluted.

  1. You can just push through Palace
  2. You can push A Ramp
  3. You can reach Connector through Top Mid -> Mid route, or TV -> House -> Underpass route
  4. You can boost into Sniper’s Nest from the Bottom Mid
  5. You can push Catwalk, reach the Ladder Room, and get a drop on the Sniper’s Nest

As you may predict, defending B might be a slightly easier task because attacks are easier to shutdown (sometimes with just a bare Molotov or Incendiary.

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Defending A can be done from a lot of spots, such as Sniper’s Nest, Connector, Sandwich, Tetris, Palace, or even Ticket Booth. As you play the map more and more, you will soon see what positions are optimal for defense depending on from where the attacks are coming from. In most cases, there will be 3 CTs on the case. Technically, the mid CT that’s in the Sniper’s Nest can more easily rotate to A than to B, so it’s reasonable to count the CT as the “A defender”.

Defending B is a bit more straightforward. One CT is typically around Van, B Plat, or Bench, while the second could be directly on the site, near Arches, or actually pushing up close to Catwalk, depending on what the agreement is between the teammates, AND more importantly, reports on the enemy team’s movement.

You should definitely expect that a CT will push towards Catwalk in case a Rush on A has been reported, as shots can come in through the Connector hallway, for example. The same goes for when a B Rush has been reported, “A” gang will look for Ts that are coming in late through Catwalk / Short route.

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Here’s how old Mirage looked like compared to the current one:

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