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All Confirmed Characters and Voice Actors in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Crime Crime Baby

by Grant Testa

On December 8, 2022, The Game Awards presented trailers for a variety of interesting new gaming experiences from a plethora of genres, spanning highly anticipated returning classics to intriguing new IPs. However, regardless of genre or industry notoriety, when it came to pure celebrity star power, no game even came close to matching the upcoming first-person shooter Crime Boss: Rockay City from 505 Games and In Game Studios. Here is Crime Boss’s highly unique and genuinely impressive cast of Hollywood talent and their corresponding role in the upcoming game from the Announcement Trailer.

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Michael Madsen as Travis Baker in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Kim Basinger as Casey in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Damion Poitier as Nasara in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Danny Trejo as The Dragon in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Danny Glover as Gloves in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Michael Rooker as Touchdown in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Vanilla Ice as Hielo in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Chuck Norris as Himself(?) in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Obviously, this is quite a notable cast, ranging from an Academy Award winner, to a videogame motion capture veteran, to Hollywood action heroes, to talented character actors, with even the multiplatinum “Ice, Ice Baby” rapper, and however you wish to classify the human meme, Chuck Norris.

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What is the Setting of Crime Boss: Rockay City

According to the game’s trailer, the Crime Boss: Rockay City takes place in, you guessed it, Rockay City, a fictional Florida metropolis of the ’90s. Crime Boss seemingly relies heavily on first-person shooting combat with an emphasis on action-film absurdity. While little is known about the premise based on the game’s actor-oriented trailer, it appears that Chuck Norris is a Sheriff, with the remaining characters cast as suspects, involved in organized crime, as they appear on the evidence wall in Norris’ office. Although it remains to be seen whether this game will be a Grand Theft Auto clone, or manage to branch out and create its own identity, Crime Boss and its unique cast of characters should definitely be a title worth learning more about as it gets closer to launch in 2023 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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