All Characters and Voice Actors in Immortality

Check out all of the great performers in Immortality.

Immortality, the new Sam Barlow and Half Mermaid game, is available on PC and Xbox. If you’ve played Her Story of Telling Lies, you’re familiar with the team’s previous work in the FMV genre. With such captivating performances, you’re probably wondering if you’ve seen these actors and actresses. Here are all of the characters and actors in Immortality.

All Characters and Voice Actors in Immortality

Manon Gage | Marissa Marcel

Manon Gage doesn’t have many credits outside of Immortality. Of course, in this game, the credits are broken up by the three films inside the game: Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything. She has a writer and producer credit on the TV Series Real Live Girl which is currently in post-production.

Miles Szanto | Ambrosio

Credit: IMDB

Miles Szanto, who plays the titular Ambrosio in the first film of Immortality, can also be found in other projects over the years. Miles played Kuru in the television series The Elephant Princess, Marcus in Love My Way, and Sam Koeugh in the TV mini-series Snobs.

Hans Christopher | John Durick

Hans Christopher plays Director John Durick in Immortality. Certainly one of the more prominent characters next to Marissa Marcel in the game. You might recognize Hans from his time with the TV series Animal Kingdom where he played Auge. Besides this, Hans was also in an episode of The Walking Dead in 2021. He played the character Nicholls.

Jascha Slesers | Sofia Morgana

Credit: IMDB

Jascha Slesers plays Sofia Morgana, one of the leading players in the Ambrosio film of Immortality. She can also be found as a flight attendant in the Hulu mini-series Pam and Tommy and Pamela in The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. She also has a Producer and Writer credit on Mash Fable.

Brooke Anne Smith | Jane Smith

Credit: IMDB

Now, this character is more mysterious than the others, and we will leave it up to the players to determine who she is. If the actress looks familiar, though, it’s because you may have seen her as Shelby Hayes in Too Close to Home or maybe as Angelique Welch in the Awkward TV series.

Jocelin Donahue | Amy Archer

Credit: IMDB

Jocelin Donahue plays one of the main characters in the third and final film Two of Everything. She has also played LucyStone in Doctor Sleep, Maddie Pierce in the TV series StartUp, and an advisor in Furious 7.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the characters and voice actors in Immortality. While you’re here, check out our review of Immortality to see why we scored it so high.

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