All Chapter 1 Trial Answers in Reverse: 1999

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There are many rewards to be found in Reverse: 1999 with plenty to explore in each chapter even after you think you’re done with the story. Here are all chapter 1 trial answers to help you get through it.

All Trials in Chapter 1 Listed

Trial Location for 1-7 in Reverse: 1999
“Trial Location 1-7” Screenshot by Prima Games

1-7 Incredible Unicorn 

In Chapter 7, click off of the chapter menu below to interact with the map. Scroll upwards where you will spot the Trial for this chapter.

“Sotheby’s mansion has thousands of artifacts. what is the thing with one horn hung high above her hall that always gazes at people?”

The answer is a Quiet Ravenheart.

Trial Location for 1-10 in Reverse: 1999
“Trial Location 1-10” Screenshot by Prima Games

1-10 Matilda’s School Report

Upon selecting Chapter 7, the icon should be present on the scene once the map redirects to that area.

“This sheet is a school report and the signature block says “Matilda Bouanich.” The score has been blackened on purpose, and you can only see a jotting: “The number of points I need to reach full marks is exactly the number implied by h-h-her name. Why? Why?!” So what is Matilda Bouanich’s score?”

The answer is 86.

1-12 The Critter in a Coma

In this stage, the icon will be difficult to find since the map will not depict the Trial. You’ll need to have investigated Chapter 11 first for the golden arrow on the screen. Head towards the woods where you will pick up a Truth Serum. Then return to Chapter 12 to find the next Trial and you will have completed this part.

“You’ll get an answer from it. Do pay attention to lies. Many creatures are skilled liars.

Trial Location for 1-15 in Reverse: 1999
“Trial Location 1-15” Screenshot by Prima Games

1-15 How Many Older Sisters Does Schneider Have?

This Trial is present upon reaching this chapter. Select the icon and prepare to input your answer.

“Schneider’s parents are still alive and have raised many daughters. How many older sisters does she have?”

The answer is 12 older sisters.

How to Find The Trials in Each Chapter of Reverse: 1999

How to Track Trial Icons in Reverse: 1999
“How to Track Trial Icons in Reverse: 1999” Screenshot by Prima Games

Trials can be quite difficult to come across since they don’t appear in a booklet like they do in the tutorial sections of Reverse: 1999. They do have the possibility of appearing in each chapter within the Story, but not all are puzzles that require you to finish them. In case you miss investigating where the Trial is, here are some tips.

When going from chapter to chapter, present or current Trials that can be investigated are displayed as golden icons. Because of their color, they will pop out more on the darker background of the map layout. In the case that a present Trial is in the chapter but not spotted on the map, check the corners of your screen for an arrow as indicated in the image below. This will lead you to the area where the Trial is since some may not always show you exactly where to go even if you are on the right Chapter, so keep a vigilant eye out. 

Trials are a great way to get those last few Clear Drops you need to summon more powerful allies to your side. They are also fun in the story facts that you could easily have missed since Reverse: 1999 tends to be a text-intensive game.

But it’s also incredibly proud of its beautiful audio, music, and cast of characters that shine through with the incredible talent of its voice actors. To check out all of Reverse: 1999’s voice actors, be sure to look over our guide for any familiar names that pop out at you. .

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