All Voice Actors Listed in Reverse: 1999

Voice actors brings the story to life, so don’t overlook these talented people

X, Vertin, Sonetto, and Regulus from Reverse: 1999
Image from Reverse: 1999 Official Website Gallery

Reverse: 1999 prides itself on having a diverse set of characters from different eras with accurate accents to create the best immersion for the player. Here are all voice actors listed in Reverse: 1999.

All Voice Actors in Reverse: 1999 Listed by English and Japanese

(English Voice Actors will continue to be revealed by Bluepoch through social media and the game patches. Updated as of October 31.)

ArcanistEnglish Voice ActorJapanese Voice Actor
VertinScarlet GraceNatsumi Takamori
RegulusCarina ReevesNozomi Yamamoto
Miss. NewBabelMaaya Uchida
SothebyHarriet KershawMiku Ito
A KnightShō Hayami
LilyaEri Kitamura
Druvis IIIAnna RustYui Ishikawa
CenturionTeru Ikuta
An-an LeeAyane Sakura
Medicine PocketNatsuki Hanae
EternityFairouz Ai Kadota
VoyagerKaede Hondo
Tooth Fairy
ArcanaAmi Hoshimizu
Baby BlueAya Suzaki
Balloon PartyInori Minase
BkornebloomReina Ueda
CharlieSatsumi Matsuda
ClickKōki Uchiyama
ConstantineAtsuko Tanaka
DikkeAyako Kawasumi
Forget Me NotJunichi Suwabe
Matilda BouanichAyasa Ito
Madam ZLiyuu
NecrologistShion Wakayama
SatsukiNao Toyama
SonettoRae LimShu Uchida
SweetheartRie Tanaka
TennantChiaki Takahashi
XHyoie O’GradyShunichi Toki
SchneiderSara AlexanderAoi Yuuki
Bunny BunnyAri Ozawa
EagleRuriko Noguchi
3nmaKento Ito
ErickChiemi Tanaka
Mesmer Jr.Haruka Kudo
MondlichtRisa Tsumugi
Ms.MoissanRiko Kohara
Nick BottomFumiya Sato
Oliver FogTakuma Nagatsuka
PaviaYukihiro Nozuyama
PoltergeistRyoko Maekawa
RabiesKatsuhisa Takagaki
T.T.TTomomi Jiena Sumi
BetteMaki Kanzaki
Darley ClatterKouhei Yada
John TitorMai Konishi
La SourceKazuka Yuzuki
LeilaniYuki Tachibana
ONiONKaede Horikawa
SputnikYuko Toba
The Fool / JesterKyosuka Nitta
Twins SleepSuzuka Kamitaka
AliEn T / Gibeon’s EyeAnjo Fukuhara
Ms. RadioKazami Odashima
DoorSakuma Shimizu
Credit to Reverse: 1999 Wikia and Behind the Voice Actors

How to Download Other Language Packs in Reverse: 1999

  • Reverse: 1999 Home Screen
  • Reverse: 1999 Main Menu
  • Reverse: 1999 Settings and Language Menu

English isn’t the only language that Reverse: 1999 offers. There are two versions of the text, one being Simplified and the other being Traditional. The last of these languages to be included in the text options are Japanese and Korean. It’ll be much of the same when it comes to the audio pack, Reverse: 1999’s cast comes in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

To change either the Text Pack or the Audio Pack, players must locate the hot bar of icons on the left side of the main screen. The Hot Bar that holds the Mail, Task, and Warehouse Icon will also have an icon that is designed with three horizontal bars in the form of a to-do list. 

By selecting this option, players will be led into an overall player menu detailing the current events, banners, and more on the page as indicated in the image above. To change the audio or text settings, first head into Settings. Then look to the bottom of the list of Setting Options to the Language tab. It is here where players can look over the options for changing the text that is present in the game as well as the audio options. 

While the text options will not require any additional data to be downloaded, players will need to make sure that there is enough room in their device to load the necessary data that is required by adding in other audio packs. While these vary from pack to pack, they all do land at about .52 GB. 

Once the audio pack is downloaded, players will be able to freely change between the different types of audio just as simply as they could with the text options. 

Games like Reverse: 1999 are truly nothing without a cast of talented people there to take their 2D animations and make them pop. You won’t ever be disappointed with this cast either, be sure to check out the full list of playable characters that are available in Reverse: 1999.

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