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Know your enemies before you face them.

Boss Weapons Lords of the Fallen
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Prepare to face strong opponents in the dark and challenging domain of Lords of the Fallen. This guide contains a simple list of all the bosses included in the game. There are no frills here, simply a helpful reference to help you keep track of the enemies you’ll encounter on your adventure. Dive into this brief list of Lords of the Fallen bosses and prepare to face them all.

List of All Main and Mini-Bosses in Lords of the Fallen

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Below is a list of all main bosses in Lords of the Fallen with whom you will battle and their locations as well:

Pieta, She of Blessed RenewalThe Cathedral
Scourged Sister DelythThe Catacombs
Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of HoundsThe Castle
The Congregator of FleshThe Swamp
The BeastThe Forest
The GuardianThe Mountains
The AnnihilatorThe Desert
The Hollow CrowThe Tower
Abbess UrsulaThe Crypt
Adyr, the Bereft ExileThe Throne Room
Elianne the StarvedThe Abyss
The Sundered MonarchThe Final Chamber
Table of Main Bosses

Lords of the Fallen main bosses are a tough group, but with skill, cunning, and persistence, you may defeat them and reap the benefits.

List of All Mini-Bosses

As there are main bosses, there are mini-bosses in the game as well. Below is the list of Mini-bosses:

The First WardenThe Cathedral
The CommanderThe Catacombs
The WorshiperThe Castle
The InfiltratorThe Swamp
The ChampionThe Forest
The Hushed SaintThe Mountains
Crimson Rector PercivalThe Desert
RuinerThe Tower
The LightreaperThe Crypt
Infernal EnchantressThe Throne Room
Spurned ProgenyThe Abyss
SkinstealerThe Final Chamber
Bringer of StillnessThe Crypt
Bringer of SilenceThe Final Chamber
Bringer of NullityThe Final Chamber
Harrower Dervla, the Pledged KnightThe Forest
Kinrangr Guardian FolardThe Mountains
Griefbound RowenaThe Swamp
The Sacred Resonance of TenacityThe Crypt
Abiding DefendersThe Final Chamber
Blessed Carrion Knight SanishoThe Crypt
Rapturous Huntress of the DuskThe Forest
Judge Cleric, the Radiant SentinelThe Tower
Andreas of EbbThe Abyss
The Iron WayfarerThe Mountains
Damarose the MarkedThe Desert
Table of Mini-Bosses

The boss fights in Lords of the Fallen are some of the most memorable and satisfying in any action RPG, despite the game’s difficulty. Because each monster is different in appearance and fighting style, defeating them needs a combination of talent, perseverance, and strategy. You must recognize their patterns to alter your strategy and overcome these formidable creatures. But if you persevere, you’ll receive some of the best game content and the thrill of overcoming one of Lords of the Fallen’s most difficult challenges.

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