All Ascension and Trace Materials for Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail

Our first chilling character in the space

Jingliu Ascension Materials Featured

After a few appearances in the main story, Jingliu finally becomes playable in Honkai: Star Rail. Like Luocha, we had the chance to see what she’s capable of ahead of her release, but now it’s time to have a full experience with this cold, destructive lady. She’s the first character to be featured in the 1.4 update, so you might wanna have some Ascension Materials in your pocket beforehand.

All Required Ascension Materials for Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail

Jingliu is a 5-star Destruction Ice character. She’s the first limited Ice character in the game, and she doesn’t disappoint with her unique transformation mechanic, which drains HP from her own party to deal extra damage. And with her all-or-nothing nature, you want her to hit as hard as possible. 

Ascension Materials

  • x65 Gelid Chitin
  • x5 Immortal Scionette
  • x15 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x15 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x828,000 Credits
  • x260 Traveler’s Guide

She uses the same Ascension item as Yanqing, the Gelid Chitin obtained from the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Icicle found in the Cloudford. Have some Fire, Quantum, and Wind characters in your party to bring it down quickly. At Trailblaze Level 60, you’ll need to beat this icy creature precisely 13 times to have enough materials for the final Ascension.

The Immortal Lumintwig and its evolutions are obtained from the Mara enemies you can find around the Xianzhou Luofu. You also get those by beating them in the Simulated Universe, and Expeditions can also bring those items back daily. You can slowly synthesize them into their upgraded versions as needed.

Traces Materials

  • x18 Shattered Blade
  • x69 Lifeless Blade
  • x139 Worldbreaker Blade
  • x41 Immortal Scionette
  • x56 Immortal Aeroblossom
  • x58 Immortal Lumintwig
  • x12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x3,000,000 Credits

The same Immortal items are used for Traces, which is another reminder that you’ll need hundreds of those. But the hardest part might be gathering enough Shattered Blades and its evolutions, as the drop rates for them tend to be quite bad. Most of your time will be spent grinding the Destruction materials Calyx, and you still have to find some time for the other Trailblaze-locked items.

One is the Regret of Infinite Ochema, obtained from Phantylia Weekly Echo of War boss. Phantylia is tougher than the other Weekly challenges, and you might want to bring some debuff removal healer like Lynx or Luocha to deal with her. Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary characters also do particularly well in her fight, so use them as needed.

Aside from all of these Ascension materials, Jingliu will also eat a lot of your Credits and Traveler’s Guides before you get her to a decent level, so good luck finding a way to balance farming for all of that! And if you have little time for farming, the Reserved Trailblaze Power will always have your back.

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